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Nightmare Fuel / Danganronpa Another

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Despite being a fangame, the murders and executions are every bit as brutal.

Chapter 1

  • For the first murder, Maki is bashed on the back of her head and is strung up in the bathroom making it look like she committed suicide.
  • The first execution, Death the Volcano Shoot. The blackened, Mitsuhiro Higa, is dragged out onto a soccer field and chained to a giant soccer ball. A team of Monokuma soccer players appear and begin to kick the ball around to each other. The passing goes so fast, it causes the field to catch fire, and the Monokumas continue to kick the ball until they're consumed by the flames. The ball then rolls to a stop, revealing Mitsuhiro's charred corpse. While he did deserve it, his fate is no less horrifying.

Chapter 2

  • The second execution. The blackened, Ayame Hatano, is shackled in a Monokuma-shaped pedaling machine and is chased down a running track by a machine loaded with buzz saws. She uses the pedaling machine to jump numerous hurdles, but when she gets to the finish line, the banner turns into a large blade that slices her in half when she crosses the line. Then the buzz saw machine catches up and grinds up her and the pedaling machine.

Chapter 3

  • The third execution Launchurch. The blackened, Kinji Uehara, who has been tricked by Monokuma to kill two classmates of his, carries a cross into a church where a Monokuma nails him to it and puts a crown of thorns on his head. Then a Monokuma dressed like a Roman soldier presses a button on a remote, causing the cross to shoot into space like a rocket. Kinji falls back to earth and lands in the ground head first. His body is then crushed by a tombstone.

Chapter 4

  • The fourth execution. The blackened, Satsuki Iranami, is sitting in a barrel full of a slots. A Monokuma throws a brightly colored dagger into one of the slots, like the game Pop the Pirate. He begins to throw more daggers into the other slots and other Monokumas join in. When all the slots are filled, Satsuki is then pulled out of the barrel, killing her.

Chapter 5

  • There is a disturbing scene where Kinjo decides to shoot himself in front of the other survivors with the others desperately pleading him to stop. He manages to shoot himself but is miraculously still alive.

Chapter 6

  • The bad ending, where Yuki ends up impaled right through his back by a Monokuma.
  • During Utsuro attempts at driving the survivors to despair, he mentions that Tsurugi's father, Juu Kinjo, succumbed to Junko's influence. Not only that, but to complete their fall he and many of his fellow police officers ate the remains of Kouhei Sasaki, Tsurugi's best friend.

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