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Nightmare Fuel / The Ultimate Evil

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     The Ultimate Evil 
  • When they first meet, Valmont ruthlessly injures Valerie with the Dragon Talisman when she begs him not to use it on Jackie.
  • Fed up with the Dark Hand's failures after the skirmish with Lo Pei's Living Statue, Shendu gives Valmont a serious warning by burning the latter's secretary alive. He's later about to do the same to Tohru before the latter reveals he didn't return from Bavaria empty-handed.
  • Hak Foo's first appearance is made slightly darker because once he first defeats Jackie, he seems to be about to use his legs to snap Jackie's neck before Uncle and Jade arrive.
  • When Hak Foo believes Valerie has the Demon Archive, he attacks her in her apartment, injures her severely (even throwing her on her coffee table, resulting in her receiving class shards in her back), and callously leaves her to die in her trashed apartment. Captain Black's doctors assess later that if not for Shendu's healing potions, she'd have needed months to recover from all her injuries, one of which is a nearly collapsed lung.
    • When Shendu learns of who attacked Valerie, he can barely contain his rage before putting Valerie to sleep. He then punishes Hak Foo off-screen with Cold-Blooded Torture, and the man is afterwards shown to be horrendously maimed and in horrible pain.
  • Nat's Establishing Character Moment has her rescuing a tourist from a demon that attacks him in an alleyway of Times Square.
  • Bai Tza nearly kills Valerie by forcefully filling her lungs with water. The narration makes it clear how awful it would be to drown like that.
  • When Shendu watches from the shadows as David kisses Valerie, he is about to attack and kill the young man and is stopped only when Valerie puts an end to the kiss.note 
  • It's revealed that nine centuries ago Shendu killed the lover of Lo Pei's daughter Lo Mei in front of her eyes before forcibly taking her as a bride. In response, Pei rallied an army in an effort to rescue her, but her grief was so great she took her own life. And it's made clear that Shendu killed many of the rebels before he was turned to stone.
  • When Shendu possesses Valerie's body, he demonstrates a sample of the power granted by his chi being in connection with hers more than ever. He gives a really wicked laugh along the way. If that wasn't scary enough, this unstable boost of power leaves both Valerie and Shendu in the danger of dying or being permanently merged together.
  • In the rewritten reality, Nat and her family tried to rebel against the Demon Sorcerers' rule, but Shendu killed them all. Nat was tortured for months before being killed, and now her body hangs on Hong Kong's wall as a discouragement against any thoughts of rebellion.
  • Viper is shot in the back by Shendu's heat beam blast, and the J-Team is forced to leave her behind to die as they race for the Book of Ages.
  • After Shendu is bound to Valerie, he's empowered to godlike levels, and even his siblings are intimidated by this. He overpowers the J-Team and is about to kill Jade for trying to undo his reality alterations before Valerie arrives to confront him.
  • The cliffhanger of the 31st chapter; when Valerie unleashes a force field in her fury and grief, the Book of Ages is set ablaze by a fallen candle, causing it to explode and the world to tear apart. In the following chapter, everyone struggles to avoid being swallowed by a vortex. Valerie is able to fix this only when she and Shendu work together and use their bond as Others to gain enough energy to reach the Book.

     The Stronger Evil 
  • Unlike in canon, it's made clear that Shendu's setting agents on fire as he fights his way through Section 13's defenses to get to the Noble Animals.
  • Daolon Wong's Cruel and Unusual Death; he's bashed into a bloody pulp, and then torn in half by an angry Shendu.
  • While escaping from Section 13, Drago sets two agents on fire.
  • Tarakudo is in this setting so powerful that when he seized Japan from Po Kong with his Shadowkhan armies, all the eight Demon Sorcerers united against him. He even claims that his only equal in power is Tiamat.
  • When Valerie angers Tarakudo by zapping him, he uses his telekinetic powers to choke her.
  • Tarakudo takes advantage of Jade trying to use his mark against him by hastening her transformation back into the Queen of the Shadowkhan, much to the J-Team's horror. She also becomes so filled with hatred towards Valerie that she willingly tries to kill her.
    In the depths of those red eyes, there remained nothing of the girl [Valerie] knew. The kindness, the mischievous grin that only wanted to see people smile, the innocent enthusiasm, the loving heart… it was all gone. In its place was a remorseless, sinister smirk, a sadistic yearning, a defiant and ruthless core. It was as if someone had murdered the sweet girl they'd known and loved and watched the murderer climb into her skin and wear it like a puppet. Yet still they could not shake the feeling that this was their Jade, somewhere in there. Held hostage to the vile darkness that now consumed her.
  • In order to prevent Tarakudo's darkness from making his Other incompatible with him, Hsi Wu cuts a part from his right palm and sends it through the Netherworld inside Jade. The girl is left feeling increasingly ill for no apparent reason, and Hsi Wu's voice taunts her both in dreams and the real world. He eventually tricks her to summon his chi inside her, and it gives him the chance to completely take over her body and risk what could have happened to Valerie and Shendu when the former's body was possessed by the latter in the first story: death or permanent fusion.
  • It's eventually revealed that the world is being threatened to be wiped out of all the current lifeforms and replaced by new ones by Tiamat, the primordial goddess of chaos and oceans. She is so powerful she has caused every major extinction event and continental change in Earth's history to uphold the constant change of life without caring about the feelings of whoever's living at the time. When she's merely awakening from her sleep, the world becomes plagued by storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity and abnormal weather relating to the oceans. Shendu reveals that she caused the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD in her anger and broke the Pangea supercontinent during her marital spats with Apsu, her husband and Other.
    • The murder of Apsu drove Tiamat mad with grief and led her to making a Deal with the Devil with the demon Typhon: she'll get her revenge by birthing his offspring in the form of the eight Demon Sorcerers. When they had grown up, she sicced her offspring on her enemies, and Shendu says that they were back then much more wild and destructive when compared to the way they acted in the rewritten reality.
    • The Demon Sorcerers themselves are afraid of their mother's power and wrath as proven by their Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction from learning that she's awakening.
  • Shendu reveals that if all the eight chis of the Demon Sorcerers, which are linked to the forces governed by Tiamat, ended up in Drago, they cannot be removed, and they'll fuse together to make him of similar stature as Tiamat. If he then challenges her to take over her place in the grand scheme of things, the fight between them would destroy the world.