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Nightmare Fuel / The Ultimate Evil

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     The Ultimate Evil 
  • Valmont injuring Valerie with the Dragon Talisman.
  • Shendu burns alive Valmont's secretary in front of him as a warning. If Tohru had returned from Bavaria empty-handed, Shendu would have done the same to him.
  • Hak Foo attacks Valerie in her apartment, injuring her seriously (even throwing her on her coffee table, resulting her to receive class shards in her back) and leaving her to die in her trashed apartment.
  • Hak Foo shown after Shendu has punished him for almost killing Valerie.
  • Bai Tza nearly kills Valerie by forcefully filling her lungs with water.
  • The idea of being Forced to Watch the one you love getting taken as a bride or killed by a demon dragon.
  • When Shendu possesses Valerie's body, he demonstrates a sample of the power granted by his chi being in connection with hers more than ever, laughing along the way. If that wasn't scary enough, this unstable power boost leaves both Valerie and Shendu in the danger of dying or being merged permanently.
  • In the rewritten reality, Nat and her family tried to rebel against the Demon Sorcerers' rule, but Shendu killed them all. Nat was tortured for months before being killed and now her body hangs on Hong Kong's wall as a discouragement against any thoughts of rebellion.
  • Viper is shot in the back by Shendu's heat beam blast, and the J-Team is forced to leave her behind to die as they race for the Book of Ages.
  • After Shendu is bound to Valerie, he's empowered to godlike levels, and even his siblings are intimidated by this. He overpowers the J-Team and is about to kill Jade for meddling in his reality alterations before Valerie arrives to confront him.
  • The cliffhanger of the 31st chapter: when Valerie unleashes a force field in her fury and grief, the Book of Ages is set ablaze by a fallen candle, causing it to explode and the world to tear apart. In the following chapter, everyone struggles to avoid being swallowed by a vortex. Only when Shendu and Valerie work together and use their bond as Others to gain enough energy to reach the Book that she's able to fix it.

     The Stronger Evil 

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