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     The Ultimate Evil 
  • Valerie fighting off the Enforcers to prevent them from capturing Jade before Jackie steps in.
  • Valerie's Indy Ploy to stop Tohru from destroying the antidote against the stone-turning venom, and then forcing him to give it to her under the threat of injecting Jackie's infected blood into his bloodstream.
  • When the Enforcers are about to attack Jackie with swords, Valerie chases them away by throwing hot tea on them.
  • When Hak Foo has the upper hand in his first fight with Jackie, Valerie suddenly attacks with two named moves of her own, briefly taking Black Tiger out of the fight. Also qualifies as a CMOF.
  • When Valerie is dangerously close to incoming missiles, Shendu covers her with his body and proves himself to be Nigh Invulnerable. Qualifies also as a CMOH.
  • Valerie helping Jade to save Jackie from Shendu.
  • Valerie chases after Jade and Paco who're sneaking after the Dark Hand to the temple storing the Pan'Ku Box, saving them before the Enforcers can blast them.
    • During the following fight, Valerie frees herself from Shendu's grasp by striking his (or actually Valmont's) crotch.
  • When Valerie is about to be sucked in with Po Kong through the Mountain Demon's portal, Shendu catches her while holding onto a lamp-post. Realizing that they both might be sucked in before the portal closes itself, he throws her into the arms of the standing-on-a-safer-distance Tohru.
  • Valerie using the Dragon Talisman against Xiao Fung.
    Valerie: Who's useless now?
  • When Hak Foo attacks Valerie in her apartment, she is able to hold her own against him a little. Both he and she are surprised when she actually manages to block one of his blows with a move Jackie taught her.
  • Shendu appearing out of nowhere and saving Valerie from Dai Gui by deflecting the Earth Demon's fist with a shield of fire.
  • When Hsi Wu kidnaps Jade, Valerie takes matters into her own hands. She first sneaks into Section 13's vault (by taking example from Jade) and steals some of the Talismans. Then she calls on Shendu in a remote area and bargains from him Hsi Wu's hiding place. Calling the others to the spot, she reaches the tower's top unnoticed with the Snake and the Rooster Talismans' help and gives Jade the Rooster and the Rabbit. Then she uses the Ox Talisman to punch Hsi Wu to another building.
  • Nataline saves Valerie from being killed by Bai Tza at the last minute.
  • Valerie saves Shendu from drowning by pulling an Underwater Kiss on him.
  • When Hsi Wu nearly manages to escape through Shendu's portal, Nat forces him back through.
  • When Shendu possesses Valerie, the Chans find their friend kneeling on the floor. He then reveals himself to them with a wicked laugh and shows the power of his and Valerie's combined chis by levitating and blasting. Not a bad way for a villain to scare their enemies.
    Jade shrieked as Valerie suddenly flung out her arm and threw Jade across the room. The girl was caught by Jackie, and they all looked up in horror as Valerie slowly stood, rolling her neck as a sickening crack split through the air like a gunshot.
    "Valerie cannot hear you…" Came a hissing voice as the woman slowly turned to face them, and they all recoiled when they saw the blazing red eyes and the wicked grin that did not belong to Valerie.
    "Demon!" Tohru yelped in fright.
    And then, the demon-possessed-Valerie began to laugh, a wicked and terrible sound filled with no mirth, a laugh that Jade recognized — Shendu. There was hum that filled their ears, the air seeming to be electrified all of a sudden as sparks danced down Valerie's arms as she continued to laugh. Jade''s mouth opened in horror when the woman began to slowly levitate an inch or two off of the ground, her red eyes continuing to glow even brighter.

  • The final fight over the Book of Ages includes several of there.
    • Shendu demonstrates his godlike powers gained from his bonding to Valerie by overpowering the J-Team that has been empowered by Jade's alterations on the Book. When Bai Tza tries to attack Valerie, Shendu renders her unable to move.
    • When Jade is caught by Shendu and the Fire Demon is about to squeeze her to death, she still challenges him defiantly for what he has done to the reality and Valerie.
    • Valerie appears, having heard Shendu's confession and confronts him in utter fury. Shendu himself is afraid by her reaction.
    • With everyone trying to survive the all-consuming vortex created by the damaging of the Book, Valerie is brought near it by the combined efforts of the J-Team and Shendu. She then fixes the Book by sewing the torn pages back in their proper place.
  • The final chapter has a meta example — the most obvious example of the meaning of The Ultimate Evil would be the one who's called that in story (Shendu), but the Title Drop is used brilliantly when Valerie confides to Jackie.
    Valerie: I was just so caught up in my own love story that I ignored the suffering and misery of my own species… My father once told me something… evil is not the act, but those who stand by and watch. Shendu committed unspeakable horrors, but I did nothing. I committed the ultimate evil by simply allowing it to happen.

     The Stronger Evil 
  • While it doesn't work in the long run, Valerie's trick of using the Noble Tiger to split the van carrying all the Noble Animals in half and leading Shendu on a wild goose chase does give everyone the time they need to find and prepare the spell needed to seal him.
  • It's also Nightmare Fuel, but you also have to respect Shendu killing Daolon Wong for trying to kill Valerie.
  • When Tarakudo approaches Jade, Valerie rushes between them and fires a lightning at the floating head, actually hurting him.
  • The free-for-all in Chapter 11 between the allied forces of the Chan Clan, Shendu and Drago against Tarakudo and Queen Jade's Shadowkhan army.
  • Chapter 13 is the climax of the Oni arc, so has plenty of action:
    • Val luring out Queen Jade, and taking on her Shadowkhan with the Dragon and Rabbit talismans. Then she taunts Jade into fighting her personally, leading to a Beam-O-War between their respective chis.
    • When the Oni invade the Vault, Shendu uses the masks collected by the heroes to summon his own armies of Shadowkhan, which Tarakudo can't take control of since their masks is on a host.
    • Drago and Nat pulling a Fastball Special that results in Nat stabbing Tarakudo through the top of the head, riding him like a horse as he tries to throw her off.
    • Val undergoing a ritual to cut off Tarakudo's control of Jade, turning her back to normal. Even with Hsi Wu's own outside interference.
    • Just when it seems that Tarakudo is going to gain the upper hand again, The Cavalry arrives in the form of Uncle, Tohru, and Jackie, who cast a spell to give Tarakudo a physical body again. Val then distracts Tarakudo with his mask, before throwing it like a frisbee to Jackie as he comes up behind the Oni King. He then puts it on Tarakudo's face, sealing him.

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