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     The Ultimate Evil 
  • The conclusion Valmont draws when the Enforcers tell him about their first encounter with Valerie.
    Valmont: You're telling me that a woman beat you with a BROOM? At first I thought your failures were because Chan was rather good… but now I see that you are all incompetent buffoons!
  • Anytime Valerie facepalms when the Chans choose unconvincing words to resolve situations and fail miserably.
  • Valerie's reaction to Jackie's comment about Hak Foo literally kicking his butt during their first fight.
    Jackie: Baboon leaves toocus exposed.
    Valerie: [unsure whatever to be disapproving or amused] I think you're enjoying this.
    • This is followed by Valerie attacking Hak Foo with two named moves of her own. Qualifies also as a CMOA.
      • "MOTHER OF ALL BUTT-WHOPS FINDS BULLY'S FACE!" (punches his face)
      • "HORSE KICKS FOR THE CROWN JEWELS!" (kicks his crotch)
  • When Jackie uses the Monkey Talisman to turn Shendu into a rabbit, Valerie starts almost immediately adoring him in a girly way.
    Valerie: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! [tries to hide her smile]
    Jackie: It's not a normal loveable bunny!
    Valerie: But he does look positively adorable
    [Shendu glares at Valerie, prompting her to struggle hiding her giggles]
  • Anytime Valmont and Shendu bicker when the former's body is possessed by the latter (like in canon).
  • The quip Valerie gives to Shendu when she frees herself from his hold with a Groin Attack.
    Shendu: I am a demon sorcerer, my dear, you cannot overpower me.
    Valerie: But you're in a mortal man's body now Shendu, that means you have weaknesses.
    Shendu: Like what?
    Valerie: This! [jerks her knee in his crotch]
    • There's something ludicrous about what happens afterwards: Shendu attacks Valerie without giving bad injuries and kisses her. A girl hurts a demon's ("leased") bollocks and gets kissed in return!
  • Valerie's reaction to seeing the results of Jade's attempt to duplicate herself while confronting Po Kong.
    "Wha…" Valerie's voice went numb as her eyes grew wide and she blinked several times at the many identical little girls, thinking that her eyes must be playing tricks on her. "Jade! Jade… Ja… Ja… ohhhh…" Valerie groaned as her head hurt from this sudden development. She'd known that Jade had cast the duplication spell, but on herself?! How could they all possibly deal with so many Jades?!
  • When Valerie realizes that Shendu has started to wear a sorcerer's robe, she calls it a dress. Shendu is very much frustrated by this because earlier he had to deal with Valmont and the Enforcers calling the robe a dress.
    • When Shendu sent earlier Finn and Ratso to retrieve some womenswear without telling that they're required for Valerie, they wondered if the dragon-demon had developed a fetish for dresses.
  • The stupidity of Dai Gui is given some depth.
    As a joke, Hsi Wu — this mischievous cretin that he was — had once convinced Dai Gui that if he dug too deep into the earth, he would tunnel to the other end and fall out of the sky. Dai Gui had believed it and not ventured further than three miles beneath the surface for three years. Once he'd found out that it had been a practical joke… he'd not been best pleased to say the least.
  • When the location of Shendu's portal turns out to be the Moose World of Hong Kong, Shendu has only this to say:

     The Stronger Evil 
  • When Valerie is having her reunion with the Chans, she gives Uncle a hug, much to his shock.
  • While Drago's chasing Jade and Valerie through the school library, the only gestures offered by the librarian is shushing.
    • Val's Berserk Button for disrespectful handling of books makes her stop and scold Drago when he's about to throw a C. S. Lewis classic at her and Jade.
    • Val and Drago's exchange when she closes the locker he's stuck in.
      Val: Now you can sit in time out and think about what you've done.
  • Drago both having trouble wrapping his head around being in a time period where his mother's barely older than him, and his Brain Bleach moment when he considers how he might have to enforce his own conceiving.
  • Val's incredulity at the world's Weirdness Censor.
  • Chapter 8 has a lot of amusing sarcastic quips thanks to the entrance of Nat and the Ice Crew. Also, Shendu and Valerie exchange barbs without anyone noticing.
  • In Chapter 10, Drago goes through all the trouble of breaking into Section 13 and fighting his way into the Vault… just to completely ignore the demon chi in order to talk to Shendu. Val and the others are left flabbergasted by this.
  • During the big fight in Chapter 13, Drago and Nat pull a Fastball Special to send her flying at Tarakudo. Afterwards, he states it had the bonus of giving him a good look at her ass.
  • When Valerie lists some of Shendu's negative attributes, he adds "stonily handsome" to that list. She can't help chuckling.
  • When Valerie and Shendu pose as a married couple, she comes up for them the last name Stone. She knew "Mr. Stone" would hate that name for obvious reasons.
  • When Valerie wakes up in the middle of her dream of making out with Shendu, she finds herself heavily aroused and in the embrace of Shendu who's sleeping and equally aroused. Just when she thinks it can't be any more embarrassing, his casual comment about his own dream makes her realize they were both really in her dream, prompting her to leap out of the bed in alarm.

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