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  • When Emma refuses to play the part of a flower girl at Nino and Alya's wedding, Adrien starts telling her how the petals are intended to protect Princess Alya so that she might become the Queen of Ninoland.
  • When Adrien talks about how he and Marinette were using condoms which were already in the apartment, Nino points out that the apartment used to belong to Adrien's mother, so they must have been intended for... at which Adrien tells him not to go there. Alya, meanwhile, says they are both idiots and are Completely Missing the Point - Emilie Agreste was long dead by then, so the condoms would have been too old to be useful, and they were.
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  • In Chapter 10, when cleaning Marinette's room, Adrien texts her to asks about what to do with a particularly cute bra he found on the floor... and whether she would mind showing him how it looks on her.
  • This part in Chapter 11:
    Adrien walked out the office and found Emma sitting behind the desk, too immersed in her coloring to notice his arrival. To her justification, he did walk in rather quietly. So quietly that even Nathalie didn’t stop helping Emma with her project.
    “Thank you for looking after her, Nathalie,” Adrien let himself be discovered.
    “Um, not a problem,” the woman replied, quickly hiding away the piece of paper she’d been doodling on under the other sheets and stashing the blue crayon in the box.
  • In Chapter 12, when the two need to take separate flights at the same time (Marinette for a business trip, and Adrien to wrap up some final matters in America), they arrive at the airport with but a few minutes to spare, and in a condition making it all too obvious they were delayed by some last moment farewell:
    “Interesting choices,” Gabriel remarked, scrutinizing them from head to toes. "Not what I'd expect from either of you, but young people these days have their own peculiar sense of style. I do hope, however, that you packed more suitable outfits for the actual event, Mlle. Dupain-Cheng.”
    “I did, M. Agreste,” Marinette was able to assure him before Adrien interrupted, eager to explain that for some reason their alarms did not go off and it was Emma’s babysitter who woke them up just a little while ago.
    “Next time, go to bed earlier and try actually to turn the alarms on,” Gabriel scoffed with a voice just as professional and almost indifferent as always. Though, even he couldn’t hold back a chuckle when the deep crimson spread on both of the young people’s faces. “Since you are rather late,” he added. “I don’t think we have much time for goodbyes. I hope you’ll have a safe trip back to the States, Adrien, but it’s time for us to go.”
    “Right,” Adrien murmured and carefully transferred Emma into Gorilla’s care. He shook his father’s hand and wrapped Marinette in a hug. "See you soon, Princess,” he whispered into her ear and kissed her goodbye. “I’ll keep you in my thoughts every minute we’re apart and can’t wait to hold you like this again.”

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