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Heartwarming / The Ultimate Evil

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     The Ultimate Evil 
  • After Jackie is cured of the stone-turning venom, Uncle and Valerie finally reconcile the falling out they started in the previous chapter.
  • Valerie trying to comfort the Living Statue of Lo Pei after he finally accepts that he's not a living creature.
    • Pei's last words to Valerie in a sad way:
      "Though you are not my child by blood, you are mine through my heart. Go now, be safe, and remember your father, as you have showed me to remember my daughter."
  • During the showdown in Shendu's palace, Captain Black's men shoot rockets at the demon, with Valerie being dangerously close to the rockets' path. Seemingly by instinct Shendu shields her with his body.
  • The Chan Clan being together again, with Jade coming to America for another year.
  • Shendu saves Valerie from being sucked in by Po Kong's portal, despite the fact that she stopped him from interfering with the banishing ritual.
  • Shendu tells Valerie in his solitary cell that he won't take advantage of her. Then he comforts her of the shock of encountering her father's murderer.
  • Valerie's relief in getting the confirmation that Shendu didn't order Hak Foo to hurt her.
  • Shendu returning Valerie to the Chans, and the family's happiness to be together again.
  • Valerie and Shendu's reunion in the form of him saving her from Dai Gui.
  • When Valmont mocks Valerie of how Shendu would try to forcefully claim her if he saw her in her black dress, she slaps him and declares that Shendu is more honorable than Valmont.
  • Nataline saves Valerie from being killed by Bai Tza and forces the water out of her system, concern evident in her.
  • Valerie saves Shendu from drowning by pulling an Underwater Kiss on him.
  • After the showdown in Embarcadero Station, Nataline makes peace with the Chans and Valerie.
  • As much as the rewritten reality is a Dark World, several sweet moments can be found.
    • Valerie's father is alive and regularly seeing Valerie.
    • Shendu and Valerie's affectionate interactions. He gives her a dragon and teaches her chi magic so that she can protect herself against his siblings. Valerie likes the dragon so much that she names him Ryuu.
  • After the reality is restored, the Guardian of the Book of Ages thanks Valerie and offers comforting words.
  • Jackie comforting Valerie during her emotional breakdown in the final chapter.
    • One of the reasons for Val's subsequent return to Toronto is that she wants to make amends with her mother, which The Stronger Evil shows succeeded.

     The Stronger Evil 
  • Valerie's reunion with the Chans.
  • Shendu healing Valerie after Wong shoots her.
  • Valerie gaining comfort from Tohru in Chapter 5.
  • In Chapter 10, Valerie expresses genuine gratitude for Shendu after he tells her about Tarakudo and the Oni Masks.
    • Drago rushes to Valerie's aid when Tarakudo is suffocating her.
  • When Valerie falls asleep in her anguish over Jade's relapse into the Queen of the Shadowkhan, she's comforted by Shendu. The Fire Demon does that because she's upset, even if he doesn't understand or care for the reasons behind it.
    • After Valerie's walked out by everyone but Nat when she insists on working with Shendu and Drago against Tarakudo, the real-life Shendu tells her that while he hates Jade and would rather see her suffer, he'll help Valerie rescue her because that's what would make her happy.
  • Despite disagreements on the best way to save Jade, when Uncle catches Val sneaking some books out the shop, he gives her what she needs.
    Uncle: Ancient Chinese Proverb: Family is family.
    • After Jade is returned to normal, Jackie apologizes for their argument and reassures Val that they're still friends.
  • When Valerie confides to Shendu her fears of being corrupted by the power she has gained through their bond, he tells her that he prefers her with her current morality compass and that she wouldn't allow herself to be corrupted because of her father's memory.

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