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Heartwarming / Unbreakable Red Silken Thread

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  • Generally speaking, Heather, after she Took a Level in Kindness, is willing to use her manipulations, cunning and roughness to do everything she can to help/protect her friends. Even more, she's willing to help Gwen, her old Arch-Enemy, for both Gwen's sake and Cody's, as Heather doesn't want him to directly confront Duncan.

Chapter 4: Fate: Cracked Masks

  • After Heather learns her parents are getting a divorce among other things during their latest argument, she finds solace in Cody, who not only bears the brunt of her anger and anguish, but spends the better part of an entire day just holding her in his embrace.

Chapter 25 Chance: The House Always Wins

  • Noah by his own admission admits that Heather really does care about Cody. That says a lot coming from Noah.

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