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Proof that even in a Sadist Show where murdering your own friends is Played for Laughs, there can still be touching moments.

  • The ending of "Edgar Allan Poen":
    "So what will you find at my house, where the friendships did renew? / A happy dragon, that's who!"
  • At the end of "The Longest Episode", the Grand Galloping Gala has Gone Horribly Wrong, but the Mane Six, Spike, and Celestia still find solace in their friendship and start singing together.
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  • Despite him being okay, it was nice seeing Twilight concerned for Spike when she thought he was gonna die in "How to Control Freaks".
  • At the beginning of "Purple Party Pooper", Twilight is genuinely happy that her friends are going to visit her on her birthday. Of course, they don't make it.
  • The Mane Six all came to Spike's birthday.
    • In a weird way, Spike promising Pinkie Pie he wouldn't eat them. Especially since this is apparently what kept him from killing Rarity.
  • Rainbow saving two kids and getting to be treated like a hero by the town (even if their cheering could use work).
    • From the same episode: Rainbow Dash saying she likes talking to Scootaloo, even if she can't understand her in this universe. They go out for ice cream at the end of the episode.
  • Despite Rainbow Dash being The Friend Nobody Likes, Twilight still came to visit her while she was in the hospital.
  • When Twilight insists that Shining Armor can't marry Cadance because he's gay, her friends are appalled by her attitude and unanimously support his right to marry whoever he wants.
  • Scootaloo finally getting to speak plain English while in the dream world, after over two seasons of only being able to communicate with scatting and subtitles.
    • She also finally gets a little payback on Sweetie Belle by making fun of the latter in her own voice.
    • For that brief moment, Scootaloo and Luna actually get to have a little fun together.
  • In The Movie, Spike tells Twilight he can wait with her while she is screaming off a bee sting.
    • Aside from one or two moments, Spike and Twilight's interactions were actually pretty endearing.
  • Applejack trying to dissuade Apple Bloom from trying to earn Granny Smith's affection, so she doesn't have to endure any more disappointment.
    • Pretty much anytime Applejack shows that she loves Apple Bloom.
  • Soarin accepting both Rainbow Dash and Fleetfoot as his daughters. This is probably the only time Rainbow has had a father figure who actually likes her.
  • Pinkie and Rainbow Dash actually treating each other like friends (insofar as they're capable) in "Hell Cheeses Over".
  • In "Remember the Name?", despite Twilight saying she hates Rainbow Dash and only agreeing to help her with her test in hopes of getting her out of her life for a little while, she gives Rainbow a surprisingly good Rousing Speech after Rainbow is about to give up.
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  • In spite of the... interesting way they ended up getting married, it is heavily implied Big Mac and Cheerilee managed to genuinely find happiness in their marriage.
  • Spike making a genuine effort to cheer Rarity up in "Creationism", even if his efforts ended up causing a lot of trouble. Also, Rarity seems to actually treat Spike like a friend.
  • In the second Equestria Girls movie, Twilight shows genuine gratitude towards Spike, after he brings help to to bust her and the rest of the girls out of a locked door.

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