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The Ultimate Evil

  • Valerie finds Finn's outfit to look something straight off of Saturday Night Fever when she first sees it, and she describes Jade demonstrating the Rabbit Talisman's power as turning into a mini version of the The Flash.
  • Some quotations from classic literature — like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera, Brave New World and Les Misérables — are read out loud to make references to Shendu and Valerie's relationship as it develops.
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  • The 9th chapter has a quote borrowed from Red Riding Hood.
    Shendu: …that's all that matters, Valerie
    Valerie: You know my name…
  • When Uncle announces that he's going to pick up an apprentice, Valerie asks jokingly if it's going to be like Hogwarts wizard training.
  • When Valerie meets Nataline for the first time, she describes the demon hunter as Buffy The Vampire Slayer's long lost cousin.
  • When Valerie swims frantically in the flooding Embarcadero Station, she compares the experience to being in close proximity to Jaws.


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