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Nightmare Fuel / Ben 10: Guardians

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Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The Faction as a whole are a lot more like a trio of Knight of Cerebus than before. Highlights include:
    • Malware being a lot more malicious in combat, slamming Ben around more monsterously.
    • Psychobos being a lot more matliculute and enjoys causing harm to others.
    • Khyber is a Serial Killer who has no qualms with including Julie into his room and is a lot more malicious in his actions with his hunt.
  • Orianus, an original villain created for the story, is a Pyromaniac who is a planetary arsonist. By which means he burns ENTIRE PLANETS.
  • Seebik has a darker intentions still as he tried to burn down all of Bellwood with lava.
  • All the while they are unable to move, The Faction decimates Animo's forces with the following:
    • Blowing up Heatbat with Orianus' flames.
    • Absorbing Mad Cow via Malware's technology absorbtion
    • And finally Psychobos Mind Raped Dr. Animo for information.
  • Ben, as Way Big, getting so angry at Captain Nemesis that he nearly crushed him to death for nearly killing his dad.
  • The Feedback Flashback is given a more serious twist despite the Mood Whiplash after the flashback ended.
  • the Incursean arc introduces the second most dangerous Bountyhunter; Apex, a white furred Appoplexian. Who is as much of a Blood Knight as the rest of his race but more malicious.
  • For the Incurseans, Vilgax And his henchmen arrive for a Curb-Stomp Battle that’s more like a massacre.
  • During a battle on Revonnah, Astrodactyl tries to save Kundo... but his reckless behavior ends with Kundo losing his arm, which he replaces with his damaged Sickle Bo Staff to form a plant-based prosthetic.