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Nightmare Fuel / Betray Me Not

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  • In Betray Me Not, the 'punishment' Biscoe and Norton give Brandon is actually creepy and painful, especially regarding Brandon's leg. Brandon has just lost An Arm and a Leg the day before, and William patches them up with stitches. Then, Biscoe and Norton force him to wear an artificial leg. It's so bad that the stitches snap, and poor Brandon, unable to feel pain, is unaware of his rotting residual limb. Good thing that Brandon himself is a Necrolyzer, so it's not too scary, but still.
    • Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome AKA SIRS. It's not explicitly mentioned that Brandon is affected by SIRS, but the signs and symptoms are there: Brandon is getting feverish, breathing rapidly and gradually weakening thanks to a rotting residual leg (and it reeks with blackened flesh). While this is tearjerking, it's actually chilling and depicts how inhumane Millennion is. Brandon gets better.
  • The angry Brandon in Retribution is downright scary. Even the animals around him knows to scurry when he passes through an alley to reach his targets' houses.
    • The way Brandon harasses his targets in Retribution is worthy of Paranoia Fuel. He randomly barges into a house that is listed on his notepad and threatens the residents (with violence) until they tell him what he wants to know. And worse, when Brandon's first victim, Steve, attacks Brandon by smashing a chair against his torso, the chair breaks and Brandon is unfazed. After that, Brandon seizes him by his neck and is sure to crack his skull open and choke him to death if Steve insists on not saying anything about Leonard, the leader of the riot.
    • Basically, an angry Brandon is horrifying. In Betray Me Not, he riddles Harry's goon with D-Point bullets in a fit of rage. D-Point rounds are strong enough to hurt a Necrolyzer. Imagine unloading all of them on a human.
  • Brandon himself, even when not angry, is a terrifying man as well when not with Mika. He is a Nigh-Invulnerable Necrolyzer with the ability to break into a house with ease. Imagine yourself not being at home...and when you return, your door is on the floor and your TV is gone. Paranoia Fuel, indeed.
    • And him paying his clients a visit is just as haunting, especially to civilians. Nothing can stop him. Whack him with a cane, bash him with a chair, or shoot him with a regular pistol; he'll just walk through them. Doors can be easily smashed or knocked down as well.
  • The whole Millennion is a combination of Nightmare Fuel and Paranoia Fuel due to Sinister Surveillance and their nigh-unlimited freedom. Like in the canon, law does not exist, so The Syndicate is free to do as they like. And nothing can help the poor civilians.
    • They are everywhere in the town. It's why in Wintertime Business, Brandon knows that he won't have to go through all the troubles to locate Vash. Millennion's scouts will do that for him, and when they've spotted Vash, they'll report.
    • The Sinister Surveillance is also why Arnold can suggest Brandon to just leave the case to Millennion sweepers in Retribution.
    • Millennion loan sharks themselves, especially thanks to Brandon's active participation. When you owe them money, even if you aren't at home, Brandon can easily break into your house and steal something of similar value to your debt.
      • With his Super Strength, he can open the way for his subordinates to do Break-In Threat (spraypainting threats on the wall of a house), although he greatly prefers pillaging.
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  • In Retribution, a little girl watching her father being gunned down is just haunting while being tearjerking.
  • The Hellhound of Billion is rather unsettling, considering the nigh-unkillable necrolyzed beings are brought back, even if they are just dogs.
    • As badass as Brandon is, he shows no qualms pulverizing necrolyzed dogs. This includes crushing their skulls under his sound foot and taking a bite out of their brains.
    • When the dog bites Brandon in the calf, he simply pulls his leg forward, full force. The result? A chunk of flesh from his leg is torn off along with a small part of his pants.
    • The necrolyzed dog is an Ax-Crazy big black mongrel with red eyes. Sara says that a pack of those dogs has just shredded some cats the day before. And they can also munch metallic trash cans like crackers.
      • Fridge Horror: This means that they actually won't have problems tearing down brick walls and breaking into civilians' houses. Brrr!
    • Charles' way of getting his revenge on Brandon. First, he punches Brandon to the point blood gushes out of of his ears and nostrils. And some blood manages to get into his throat, causing him to cough sometimes. After that, when Brandon turns the table and attempts to get the anti-necrolyze rifle, Charles simply stomps his wrist, breaking it. And he continues with putting anti-necrolyze bullets in both of Brandon's legs. To cap it all off, Charles lets Brandon live and leaves.
      • Charles' actions also have some hints of Mind Rape. Charles steps on Brandon's wrist and taunts him by telling him to grab the gun and fight back. Brandon is already screaming out of his frustration (unable to grab the gun), and Charles just rubs salt to the wound. And Charles' Cruel Mercy is intended to push Brandon into Despair Event Horizon.
      • Brandon's way of fighting back as a result of said Mind Rape? Bites off chunks of meat from Charles' leg. Ouch.
    • Hemorrhagic shock. It's not shown, but it's mentioned. And it happens to poor Brandon. After having the anti-necrolyze bullets taken out of him, he bleeds so much that his body goes cold, his blood pressure drops, and his pulse grows weak and fast.
    • Basilar skull fracture as well. It's not specified, but Brandon's condition implies that. After taking several blows to his head, he starts bleeding from his ears and nose...and something is trickling down his throat, choking him and causing him to cough.
      • According to Word of God, Brandon was once intended to have his Raccoon Eyes and Battle's Sign appearance mentioned by Mika, but this was removed. As later seen in The Missing Necrolyzer, the Raccoon Eye is mentioned.
  • Twisted Death is even worse.
    • A necrolyzer tries to kill Nancy by throwing her into the air and leaving her to splatter on the ground.
    • The torture scene. Brandon is constantly sedated so that he doesn't know who's behind this, but imagine getting injected with tranquilizer whenever you show some movements. And how is the torture? Brandon is flogged while the hellhounds play with his helpless body like a chew toy or a scratching post.
    • Rafael Jones of the Cardosi. He has his men ram Elizabeth's belly with a steel beam, which they just use as a battering ram. It leads to the death of Brandon's little sister in Elizabeth's womb. After that, when Elizabeth asks where her husband Bruce is, Rafael simply shows her Bruce's severed head. In front of six-year-old Brandon. And it doesn't end there. He has his man carry Brandon and says that the black market will pay a lot for a healthy boy like Brandon. It angers Elizabeth to the point she manages to save Brandon, but Rafael then shoots Elizabeth dead. In front of six-year-old Brandon. Ouch.
      • The chase scene. Poor Brandon tries to run away, but Rafael's goon tosses a can at him and knocks him down. The worst part here is how the goon later treats Brandon: instead of carrying him, he just drags him back to the dark alley.

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