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Information comes from Word of God.

  • Approval of God: The author is aware of the existence of the tropes page for Betray Me Not.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Chapter 5 of Betray Me Not.
  • Deleted Scene: To keep the story moving steadily, there is no more inclusion of the anime's Finale Credits (author's interpretation, like the orphanage flashback) in the second chapter. Mika's family speech is omitted as well.
    • Brandon taking Mika to fish at nearby stream and teaching her how to fish (with Mika later finding out that her biological father, Big Daddy, liked angling) are supposed to be included in The Beauty of Simplicity, but because this will detract from the main conflict of the story (living in Dr. Tokioka's trailer vs one of Big Daddy's mansions), the author removes it.
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    • A Loan Shark's Tale removes the scene in which Brandon nabs a sachet of hot chocolate and a bag of peanuts from his office. This is intended to show Brandon's attempt to console Mika after work, but it's then removed to keep the story moving steadily.
      • This is reworked into Wintertime Business.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Worth is inspired by Don Rosa's Donald Duck comic Super Snooper Strikes Again, and the film You Dont Know Jack, a movie about a doctor who advocates euthanasia.
    • The inspiration for Betray Me Not is this song.
    • As per the challenge Legendary Biologist participates in, The Beauty of Simplicity uses The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book as the inspiration.
  • Recycled Script:
    • In Betray Me Not, Brandon's dream sequences, especially the one in which he shelters Mika from the cold weather, is more or less similar to Legendary Biologist's other Gungrave work, Family. Actually, the two dream sequences about Brandon's kindness to Mika are very similar to the scenes appearing on the said fic.
      • According to Word of God, this fic itself is actually a mix-and-match of the author's unpublished works.
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    • The original plan for A Loan Shark's Tale involves Brandon bringing Mika to work, making a cup of hot chocolate for her, and letting her watch TV as he works. This is brought back in Wintertime Business, except the TV part, which becomes Brandon and Mika watching a TV show together.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Word of God, Betray Me Not actually has three version, and the one that is uploaded is the second version. The first version is a lighthearted sci-fi fanfic that emphasizes on the scientific aspects of a Necrolyzer. The third version incorporates impmontamer03's (the author of Enter Digital World) theory of Brandon's survival, in which Mika actually knows that Brandon is alive when she finds him in the anime's finale, although seeing how bad his condition is at that moment, Mika lets out a Tearful Smile.
    • The title was initially planned to be Lost and Pulled Together, but because betrayal is the driving conflict and philosophy in this work, it becomes Betray Me Not instead. The Lilo & Stitch Shout-Out becomes less obvious that way.
      • In a way, family is also a major theme in the work, which is why Lost and Pulled Together actually fits. The stitching symbolism makes it even more fitting (see the fridge page and the main page). By the end, simplified in Mika's POV, Mika manages to bring Brandon back to her family and make him reconcile with Millennion.
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    • Brandon's Unstoppable Rage in chapter 5 was once planned to involve Brandon literally smashing the goon's skull with his fist, but to keep the rating T, the author just lets Brandon riddle the goon with large caliber bullets from a D-Point before throwing the Hand Cannon at the corpse. Complete with Gory Discretion Shot.
    • Another one is leaving Brandon cuffed/strapped to his seat all the time as per Biscoe's and Norton's orders. Only when Biscoe starts to see how inhuman of him does he decide to release him. However, the author sees that this may invoke blatant Lima Syndrome. Brandon isn't a captive after all; he's just brought into Millennion to be given the medical treatment so that he can continue living with Mika, but because he's a traitor, Biscoe and Norton aren't too pleased about it.
    • A Loan Shark's Tale was once planned to be focused on the lack of law regulation in Gungrave universe.
      • Also, Brandon was once intended to be bringing Mika to work. There, he would make her a cup of hot chocolate and let her watch some TV shows. However, this would be OOC for Brandon, since in the canon, he never wants to put his loved one's life at stake (considering how much hate and infamy he garners from his clients).
    • The initial version of Gilbert in The Hellhound of Billion is a complete opposite of the current Gilbert due to Biologist wanting to make the Cycle of Revenge theme more obvious. Instead of stepping on Brandon's wounds and stealing his wallet, he dragged Brandon into his house and gave him a first aid. When Millennion came to take Brandon home for a better medical care, Biscoe thanked Gilbert and gave him the money he needed to fix the wall.
  • Write What You Know: Most of the medical references.

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