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The main series of the fanfic is dark, but the Lighter and Softer companion works can be very funny.

  • In Feat, Brandon has a reason to stay away from the crowd as he headed to the laundry: pickpockets. But due to terrible balance thanks to walking with an artificial leg (while still in rehabilitation process), holding a cardboard with his only arm, and the rubbish on the pavement, he awkwardly swerves. This movement causes him to elbow some innocent pedestrians on his way. Who looks like a pickpocket now?
    • Another one is the consequence of Brandon falling down. He thinks if he falls, he can hurt the floor instead of him.
  • A small one in A Loan Shark's Tale, but Brandon nabbing an LCD TV out of his client's house also counts.
  • Wintertime Business is full of this. Mainly because of Vash.
    • For starters, he immediately calls Brandon 'Legato' as he sees him. Considering that Brandon/Grave looks quite like Legato... After that, he starts asking Mika if she is related to Meryl.
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    • The Dramatic Irony of his comment about this. The readers should've known why. Answer: Trigun and Gungrave are both created by Yasuhiro Nightow.
      Vash: I wonder why you all look similar to the people I know. *shrugs* But I bet nobody knows why.
    • Vash's attempt to mention his fake Overly Long Name. Brandon foils it.
      Vash: My name is very long, you know? It's Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andrei-
      Brandon: *smiles* Vash the Stampede.
    • The traffic light scene, especially when Brandon starts shooting at Vash. While dodging the bullets, Vash keeps making random remarks, particularly about how dangerous a gun is. The bird comment is the most hilarious one.
      Vash: Think of the birds!
    • Vash's shriek as Brandon pushes down the traffic light. After that, he calls Brandon a vandal before running off.
      Vash: Mama!
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  • Brave Heart: Mika is wearing pajamas when she asks Daniel to drive her to Brandon, who is fighting an orgman. Daniel's comment? "Pajamas ain't suitable for going out."
  • The Hellhound of Billion
    • When trying to meet Biscoe, Brandon knocks the door to Biscoe's office softly out of courtesy. There's no answer, so Robert butts in and knocks the door and screams. Biscoe then comes out, not too pleased with Robert's behavior. What makes it hilarious is that Biscoe knows who knocks the door first!
      Biscoe: I can hear that, you insolent kid. I was about to end the phone call from a potential business partner when Brandon first knocked the door.
      Robert: How do you know that it was Brandon who knocked the door first?
      Biscoe: You think a meek, quiet guy like him can be that loud, Robert?
    • Another moment is Mika arguing with Norton in the final chapter. Mika isn't happy when Norton insists on sitting beside Brandon for his own safety, because it will force Mika to sit on Brandon's lap and hurt him. So a sulky Mika refuses to budge until Brandon lifts her and puts her on his lap...only to have her move away soon. Brandon finally keeps her in place by hugging her.
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    • Mika and Norton fussing over Brandon's wheelchair when Mika has grown tired of pushing it is pretty hilarious as well.
      Mika: *points at Brandon's wheelchair* Push it.
      Norton: I'm too old.
      Mika: And I'm too small.
      Brandon: I'm neither.
  • Crossfire. Three words: Vash the Stampede.
    • The way Vash gets rid of the thug. He dodges all the thug's strikes while making random remarks, which ranges from saying no veggies around (because the thug is using a knife) to noting that swinging a knife is a good way of keeping one's body warm in the winter.
      • The puns. Vash says that a snowball can cool off the very angry thug. And after throwing the snowball at the thug's face, he just runs off and tells the thug to chill out.
    • Vash steals the Chimera agents' guns in a blink of an eye. All the Chimera agents are confused for a moment before running away.
    • When the agents strike back, Vash sings the Genocide Song to scare them off...only to have everybody laughing back at him.
    • In which Vash tries to get away from the Chimera agents by saying that they've found the wrong person... Well, they've got a smartphone and Wikipedia. And it features Vash's page.
    • Vash complaining that nobody's gonna pay the ransom if the Chimera agents are really going to kidnap him.
    • Something about the doughnuts for somebody else, as per the anime's tradition: Vash nabbing the box of doughnuts that is supposed to be for Chimera's boss, Jeff. Of course, because Chimera needs him, the agents just let him do as he pleases.

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