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Heartwarming / Betray Me Not

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Some of these moments may be tearjerking as well.

Betray Me Not

  • For starters, Mika's acceptance of Brandon's 'death,' as hinted by the anime's finale.
  • Most of Mika's actions towards Brandon qualify. She loves him dearly and truly honors their bond as a family.
    • Brandon is aware of one of those moments. When he hears Mika calling him 'Brandon' instead of 'Grave,' he is surprised that Mika is serious when they agree that they are a family.
    • "Brandon, you're hurt somewhere?" The question is actually asking if Brandon is sad, not just pained by his physical injuries.
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    • The way Mika gives Brandon You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech. And the Platonic Declaration of Love. Heartwarming to the point of tearjerking.
      Mika: *hugs Brandon* You're my family, Brandon, and I'll always love you.
      Brandon: But I have-
      Mika: Betrayed me? *beat* Brandon, you know why I think you as my family and love you so much? Because you're good. Okay, you've betrayed, but you're still good. If you aren't, well... *wipes Brandon's tears with her hand* If you're bad, I won't see you this sad, because you never realize that betrayal is bad.
      • That moment is just incredibly touching, as everything Mika says is exactly what a depressed Brandon needs to hear. After all, Brandon has been loathing himself for betraying Millennion and Mika.
      • And Brandon shedding Tears of Joy while hugging Mika. Doubled by the fact that he is moving his only arm, which still has an IV line connected to it, slowly and carefully just so that he can hug Mika to express his joy and gratitude.
      • And even more heartwarming when Brandon, who has been unable to sleep well due to Dreaming the Truth, is finally able to sleep soundly.
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    • Mika's attempt to find out the truth behind Brandon's sadness after Biscoe and Norton visit him. She playfully tells him not to be a Stepford Smiler and then tries to dig up information from him.
      • "They hurt you here, right?" Mika does it while pointing at Brandon's chest, highlighting Brandon's heartbreak.
    • Mika mending Brandon's tattered clothes. She does it to show how much she loves him.
      • Before doing that, she even wonders if Brandon may get bored as she mends his clothes. To resolve this problem, she brings him some books. Unfortunately, Brandon doesn't understand what is Handbook of Thanatology all about. But of course, Brandon doesn't want to hurt her feelings, so he waits until the right time to speak up to console Mika.
    • Biscoe asks Mika not to leak his plan for Brandon, but she finds it hard to keep the secret because it's good news for Brandon.
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  • Brandon's Dreaming the Truth sequence, which includes the moment he protects Mika from some bullets and shelters her from the winter's cold weather.
  • When Brandon wakes up, he immediately notices Mika's disappearance. He asks Biscoe where is she. Brandon's visible worry moves Biscoe to the point he starts sympathizing with Brandon (and Norton is later moved by this as well). Biscoe and Norton are supposed to pay more attention to Mika, but they have forgotten her due to them focusing on Brandon's crime.
  • Brandon stops Mika from scolding Biscoe and Norton. He does it out of his respect for them, as they have bent Big Daddy's rule, spared him, and paid his medical expense. It's very moving considering that Brandon has just been deeply hurt by them (especially Norton).
    • He later teaches Mika to respect them as well, for the same reason.
  • To show some respect to Brandon, Biscoe decides to assign Brandon to a task: neutralizing the splinter-faction formed by the survivors of Harry's Millennion. This is just a test of loyalty, and if Brandon succeeds, Biscoe will let Brandon rest until he fully recovers. After that, they'll just find a suitable job for him. If Brandon fails however, they may want to execute him.
  • Most of Biscoe's Pet the Dog actions towards Brandon qualify.
    • Biscoe warms up a little to Brandon, as shown by how he tells Brandon about his task.
      Biscoe: I'm not lying. Do yourself a favor by believing in me, yes?
    • The moment he fetches Brandon to work. Him supporting Brandon (who isn't used to walking with prosthesis) all the way to the car is heartwarming. Even more heartwarming when he asks Norton to ride another car just to let Brandon occupy two-thirds of the backseat.
    • Seeing Brandon's problems in walking after neutralizing Harry's goons, Biscoe commands his guards to help Brandon. Whether it's out of his sympathy for Brandon or Mika, this actually shows that he cares.
    • Part of the ending. Biscoe inviting William to discuss about Brandon's aftercare tops all Biscoe's heartwarming Pet the Dog actions towards Brandon.
  • When Mika is done mending Brandon's pants, she is upset because the result isn't very satisfying. Brandon simply consoles her by saying that it's her efforts and intention that matter most.
  • Biscoe telling Mika that he has made the right choice: bending Big Daddy's Code of Iron. He knows that it isn't right, but things go visibly better that way, and he has noticed it: Brandon is highly capable of nurturing Mika, as shown by Mika suddenly being respectful of Biscoe. Emphasized when he explicitly says that he won't dare to imagine the consequences of strictly adhering to Big Daddy's Code of Iron: Mika will be lost and lonely.
  • When Brandon gets nervous after learning that Biscoe wants him to annihilate those who once belonged to Harry's Millennion, Mika calls out to him. He starts remembering that Mika is his child and his reason to live. Then he gains confidence and places a hand on Mika's head, saying, "I won't betray again."
    • Mika replies with Meaningful Echo: "Of course you won't, because you're good."
  • Harry's goon almost successfully persuades Brandon to join his side, but Brandon then sees the patch on his own pants. It reminds him of Mika, which enables him to refuse the offer.
  • "I have a family to protect." Very touching, as it shows that Brandon's Undying Loyalty is to both Harry and Mika (and Millennion).
  • The ending. Biscoe and Norton finally apologize to Brandon (albeit implicitly) and let him rest until he fully recovers as a compensation. Mika and Brandon are now living as a family. But to a more emotional point, Brandon realizes that no matter what, he is always Harry's best friend. This finally enables him to smile a genuine smile.
    • Biscoe and Norton don't even bring up about their plan to put Brandon in the loan shark department. Mika believes that they truly care for Brandon and want him to fully enjoy his break.
    • The moment Biscoe speaks to Brandon is both tearjerking and heartwarming, considering that Biscoe himself is also tearing up as he talks. And the apology, being subtle and implicit, simply avoids taking away the feels.
    • The way Mika talks to Brandon in the end. At first, she almost says that Harry isn't Brandon's best friend if he's upset just because Brandon betrays him for his (Brandon) family. But she manages to find the right wording to comfort Brandon: Brandon is truly Harry's best friend, because he is still incredibly loyal to Harry although he's already dead. This makes Brandon smile a genuine smile.
  • The relationship between Brandon and Harry. It's very subtle. Although Harry is already dead, Brandon still finds trouble betraying him for Mika and Millennion, and Brandon breaks down as he admits the fact that he has betrayed his best friend for his family.
    • Doubles by the fact that Brandon himself is dead and living as a zombie, while Harry is truly dead. Death barely affects the friendship between Brandon and Harry.
  • The inspiration song according to Word of God? Michael Jackson's Ben. Excuse me as I wipe the sand away from my eyes.
  • The way Brandon comforts Mika in Phantom Limb. He lulls her to sleep by stroking her back.
    • And Mika is sleeping on Brandon's lap with her head pillowed against his chest. Aww...
    • Overlaps with Moment of Awesome. Phantom Limb is actually how Brandon's Papa Wolf attitude towards Mika helps him deal with his phantom sensation after losing his arm.
  • In Worth, the interactions between William and Brandon are heartwarming. Instead of granting Brandon's death wish, William tries to convince him that him being bothersome isn't his fault. After all, Brandon is just unhealthy.
    • William being Brandon's defender is very heartwarming too. It really makes their relationship almost platonic.
    • Putting aside the problems with the Artificial Limb and Millennion guards, the walk in the lobby is a very relaxing scene. Then, there's a brief funny moment about the bench that Brandon bends due to his inability to sit down properly with his defective prosthesis.
    • A little tearjerking, but Biscoe being aghast of the fact that Brandon begs William to kill him is actually very nice of Biscoe. Then, him telling that Brandon is unhealthy and he can tolerate the trouble Brandon may cause because of that is just sweet. He doesn't want Brandon to have suicidal thoughts anymore.
      • This brings up a Fridge Brilliance. William says that Mika won't be angry at Brandon for waking her up abruptly at night. Why can he say that? Because Brandon is unhealthy, while Mika loves him very much. Mika will definitely tolerate the troubles he causes. Then, Biscoe also uses the same reason to tell Brandon that he is never a troublemaker. Biscoe cares for him as much as Mika, although he can be very strict to him.
    • Finally, Biscoe tells Brandon to live long enough to recover and promises to find a job for him afterwards. This old mob boss really does care.
      • Him thanking William for not killing Brandon just shows how much he cares for Brandon.
    • The ending. The chatter is heartwarming to the point of tearjerking, because although Brandon thinks he is just a troublemaker (he does learn his worth in Millennion later), he is actually regarded as a great man by others. Everybody in Millennion may have much more power than Brandon, such as Biscoe having the authority as a boss, his executives (e.g. Norton) having high intelligence, and his guards having all their limbs still attached to their bodies, but none of them could measure up to someone who is willing to push himself beyond limit just to protect others.
      Millennion Guardsman: Um, Boss, don't you think we should be more respectful to him? He is still willing to protect others despite his disability. I think this is the first time I ever see someone that heroic in my life.
      Biscoe: Yes. *beat* You know, kid. Maybe he doesn't have as much authority as I do. He probably isn't as intelligent as my executives either. Moreover, he isn't as healthy as Millennion guardsmen. But despite that, we all are no match for the selfless, courageous Brandon Heat.
      • The guardsman's awareness is actually a touching one. When Brandon asks William to kill him, for whose sake Brandon wants to die for? For Millennion. This includes all Millennion guards. Now, those nasty guardsmen are bastards.
    • A small one, but actually, Millennion guards are really protective of their boss. They immediately surround Brian and threaten him after he fires his gun at Biscoe.
  • The ending of Decisions, Consequences, and a Second Chance. "Welcome back." Biscoe echoes that in his heart.
    • The way Mika greets Brandon as he begins to come around. Seeing Brandon raising his arm as if he's shaking hands with somebody, Mika grabs his hand. As revealed in Betray Me Not, Brandon is actually having a dream about the first time he meets Harry in the orphanage. He is shaking hands with Harry.
  • The Will to Live: What brings Brandon's will to live back from the grave is nothing but the love and loyalty from a little girl. Holy cow!
    Brandon: "Do you know? You make me want to live, Mika. Not survive; not exist. Live."


  • The Beauty of Simplicity in entirety.
    • This work is actually about how much Mika loves Brandon. To keep him 'alive' and healthy, Mika even chooses to look indigent by insisting on living inside Dr. Tokioka's trailer.
      • This is Heartwarming in Hindsight if you remember Mika's Platonic Declaration of Love in the anime. To stop a dying Brandon from fighting Harry and harming himself in process, Mika says that she is even willing to live in poverty if that's what it takes to live together with Brandon.
    • Any simplistic, yet incredibly fun activities with Brandon. This includes reading a newspaper and solving the crossword puzzles there together, Mika telling Brandon about what's happening at her school, and playing Rock–Paper–Scissors.
      • The best one is reading comics together, because Mika sits on Brandon's healthy leg and Brandon shares his jacket with her. And then, when there find something funny, they'll grin together and sometimes laugh. But because Brandon is The Quiet One, he doesn't laugh, but seeing him smirk and how much he enjoys his time is exhilarating enough for Mika.
    • P.A.P.A.B.R.A.N.D.O.N.note 
    • The 'papa bear' speech. It manages to make Brandon shed Tears of Joy.
    • The ending gives a cyclical feel, but it symbolizes how simple and fun Mika's life is with Brandon.
  • Feat has Brandon doing mundane things like bringing his and Mika's dirty clothes to the laundry despite having just one arm and is still learning how to use his artificial leg. For whose sake he goes through all the troubles? Mika.

Loan Shark

  • The last part of A Loan Shark's Tale. Brandon decides to drop his work just so that he can go home quickly to check Mika's condition after hearing about the car crash at Millennion's parking basement.
    • His moment with Mika. When he finds out that Mika is safe, he even sheds some tears. This guy really cares for her.
      • The moment Mika tells him how scared she was when she was trapped in the dark trailer. The way Brandon comforts her is just so sweet. He even takes a break from his silent mannerism just for that.
    • The ending has Brandon finally realizing that he doesn't need to labor during holiday just to be a good 'daddy.'
  • The ending of Wintertime Business. Brandon receives money from Vash, who asks him to repair his Artificial Limb with it. It brightens Brandon's day and makes him want to see Vash again to thank him.
  • The second chapter of Retribution. Brandon realizes that the guilt and sorrow of murdering Leonard and turning his daughter into an orphan don't get him anywhere. If Mika hasn't reminded him of retiring his artificial leg, he may have slept while wearing his prosthesis, which may damage his residual leg. Moreover, Mika loves a happy Brandon because he's basically a cuddly teddy bear when he's in good mood. Those enable Brandon to move on and overcome his guilty conscience.
    • The moment Mika finds Brandon standing behind her and observing her math homework. It's all Brandon needs to do to show that he has regained his good mood.
    • The ending, in which Brandon patiently waits for Mika's completion of her homework after retiring his artificial leg. He's waiting for the moment to have fun together with her.

Guardian of a Lifetime

  • In Brave Heart, Mika's courage actually comes from her desire to protect Brandon.
    • There's a moment when Mika thinks that leaving the injured Brandon will ease her escape, but then, she decides to stay with him and encourage him to fight back. Cue Moment of Awesome.
    • Mika trying to reach Brandon at Desolation Alley while in pajamas may be hilarious (and Daniel even giggles at her), but it also shows that she is a brave girl. Her courage stems from her love for Brandon.
  • The Hellhound of Billion:
    • The shopping scene. Brandon's loss of left arm prevents him from getting goods to the basket, but there's Mika who serves as a Handy Helper.
    • The After-Action Patch-Up scene between Brandon and Mika. While Mika cleans Brandon's wounds on his forearm, he reminisces about his old love Maria.
    • Sara hoping that her son, Charles, is still alive out there, hiding from the necrolyzed dogs. Mika and Brandon decide to find him for her. Sadly, Charles is now a necrolyzer and also the creator of the hellhounds.
    • The guardsmen. Once Brandon and Mika arrive at the HQ, they quickly approach the injured Brandon and ask him how he gets his arm bandaged. Brandon tell them that the necrolyzed dog caused it, and a guardsman named Robert decides to accompany Brandon to report this case to Biscoe. Considering how much they have changed since the first series...
      • And Robert then asks his colleagues to at least have one guard escort Mika to the trailer.
    • Chapter 5 in entirety. It begins with an injured Brandon having no more will to live and lets a civilian harass him. It's all because of his assumption of being rejected by Mika and Biscoe. But then, Mika and Biscoe come, showing no anger towards him. Instead, they act like he's still part of their family. Mika hugs Brandon and comforts him with kind words, while Biscoe seeks help and orders his man to track down the civilian who has just harassed Brandon.
      • It continues with Brandon becoming a Tummy Cushion for Mika. Why does Mika sleep there? Because she's deeply upset by Norton, who almost hits Brandon in his wounds just to wake him up. By sleeping on Brandon's torso, she feels like she's protecting him. Brandon's reaction to being a Tummy Cushion is also incredibly sweet.
      • Crabby Brandon. Annoyed by the loss of his leg function, he becomes so sensitive that he brushes Mika off by accident. Mika leaves him without saying anything or looking at him, which makes him feel rejected and guilty of what he has just done. He ends up scolding William before shutting himself off (or rather, acting like a hermit crab retreating into its shell). But then, it's revealed that Mika is never angry at him. She simply tells Brandon that she's aware of Brandon's increased sensitivity when he is unhealthy.
      • Nobody sleeps just to take care of a dying Brandon. After a surgery to take the anti-necrolyze bullets out of him, Brandon bleeds so much that he's suffering from hemorrhagic shock: cold body, low blood pressure, and weak but fast pulse. William, Mika, and Biscoe spend the whole night watching over Brandon's condition and stabilizing him.
    • Brandon being able to shrug off his fear of guns is both heartwarming and awesome. Said weapon killed his parents when he was six. However, Brandon's desire to protect his loved ones trumps that.
    • Mika thinking Brandon as Knight in Shining Armor and/or a hero after listening to his story about his heroic acts to her parents is just incredibly sweet.
    • Biscoe is still guilty of everything he puts Brandon through in Betray Me Not events, which explains his (over)protectiveness towards Brandon in a heartwarming way.
      • While tracing the scar on the stump of Brandon's leg with a finger, Biscoe also asks if what he has done did hurt Brandon.
    • Charles' death. At first glance, it's tearjerking (depending on how much one sympathizes with him), but it's also heartwarming in a way. At the time of his second death, Charles manages to see his mother again and learn that she still loves him, no matter what he has become. Then, Brandon decides to pardon him for all his crimes by committing a Mercy Kill. But to a more emotional point, Charles finally dies without any trace of vengeance in him, unlike his first death.
      • And after thanking Brandon for his kindness, he dies with a smile. He manages to smile despite his muscular rigidity. Yes, I've got Sand In My Eyes.
    • The pie talk after everything is settled. If Brandon can eat, Mika has been thinking of learning to bake pies like her mom, Maria. Brandon loves Maria's pies when he's still alive.
    • Brandon tells Kevin that his father will live on in his heart, as long as he goes on living without forgetting him.
    • "When he looked up, he saw two white butterflies flying across the horizon." Listen to this for extra feels. The butterflies symbolize Sara's and Charles' peace and reunion in the afterlife.
    • In the end, everybody's deaths throughout the work serves to strengthen Brandon's resolve to protect his loved ones.

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