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Betray Me Not

  • The dream sequence, in which Brandon shields Mika from bullets with his back.
  • Brandon raiding the base belonging to Harry's splinter-faction all while wearing an artificial leg with his amputated leg still in stitches and bandages. He falls several times because he isn't used to balancing himself with prosthesis, but this doesn't stop him from taking out Harry's goons with his skills in guns...until the last goon uses a D-Point on him and knocks his gun out of his hand.
    • His Unstoppable Rage against the last goon. He's at gunpoint, but being extremely furious, he simply snatches the D-Point and blasts the last goon to Swiss cheese.
    • Due to skipping prosthetic fitting process, Brandon suffers various handicaps in the mission, including shorter prosthesis and skin breakdown. This makes Brandon's victory even more awesome.
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  • The underlying plotline, which is both heartwarming and tearjerking. Brandon actually lets Biscoe and Norton mistreat him just so that they can make their underlings afraid of betraying. The reason? To protect everybody in Millennion. Brandon endures the abuse and thus, earning him Biscoe's and Norton's (implicit) respect and apology. It also touches Biscoe to the point he tears up as he speaks. Making an old godfather cry and winning his apology and respect without confronting him even once is simply awesome.
  • The ending itself is actually pretty awesome for Mika. She only wants Brandon to be genuinely happy, and she succeeds. She manages to bring Brandon, a traitor, back to her family and make him reconcile with the organization he has betrayed. But to top it all, she manages to bring out a genuine smile from the forever-depressed Brandon by making him realize that even if he has betrayed Harry, he can still bring his dead friend into consideration when making decision.
  • Generally, Mika herself is awesome despite being a Non-Action Girl. Her very existence is what that brings out Brandon's gentle soul and limits his destructive tendencies.
    • When Brandon is still coping with his lost limbs, Mika's existence helps him adapt and gives him the push to do physical activities when he's still learning how to use his artificial leg. See also the entry for Phantom Limb.
  • Mika in the last chapter of Betray Me Not. She's a kid, but she uses her authority to make those Jerkass guards, who are all grown-up, help Brandon and ensure that they don't bully him.
  • In Phantom Limb, Brandon is having issues with strange sensations on his missing arm. During nighttime, when Mika is asleep, Brandon loses his cool at the disturbing sensation and smacks the armrest in a fit of rage. This wakes Mika up abruptly and terrifies her. After comforting Mika and lulls her back to sleep by stroking her back, Brandon blames himself for succumbing to the phantom sensation too easily. He makes up his mind to ignore the sensation the next time it disturbs him, as it's not right to involve Mika in his business with his ailment (which has frightened her beforehand). This causes the phantom sensation to no longer bother him. Simply put, Brandon's Papa Wolf nature helps him deal with his phantom sensation.
  • The climax in Worth. When Brian attempts to shoot Biscoe, Brandon uses the thrust from his good leg to launch himself at Biscoe. He knocks Biscoe down, taking a bullet to his face. Said bullet is actually aimed at Biscoe's heart. After that, when Brian tries to shoot Biscoe in the head, Brandon covers Biscoe's head with his hand, taking the bullet with the back of his hand. But of course, his immunity to bullet helps all the time.
    • The ending isn't just heartwarming; it's awesome as well thanks to the chatter. The whole Millennion, no matter how strong the members are, is no match for the selfless, courageous Brandon.
    • A small one is William kicking an angry Brandon on his prosthesis, causing him to tumble and saving Brian from any harm. It's to save Brandon from the potential problem caused by hurting just one of the agents.
  • Decisions, Consequences, and a Second Chance has Mika biting Millennion agents as she desperately struggles to reach Brandon. It's an orphan's instinct. Made more awesome considering that Millennion guardsmen are grown-up men trained as Professional Killer.


  • Feat has Brandon walking from Millennion Tower to the shopping district of Billion on his artificial leg. Without falling. Even once. Meanwhile, he is actually on rehabilitation process, only that he doesn't have the schedule the day the story takes place.
    • He manages to ascend and descend the ledge of Dr. Tokioka's trailer without a fuss. Of course, he does spend some time thinking of a way to walk up and down safely.

Loan Shark

  • A Loan Shark's Tale has Brandon taking all his client's blows without breaking a sweat. He ends up snapping the cane in half with a hand.
    • What does Brandon do after hearing the news from Arnold about the car crash at the Millennion's parking basement? Once the van arrives at the basement, Brandon walks out of the car before it stops. He falls as a result, but his concern towards Mika fuels his adrenaline to the point he can get up very fast and continue running to the crash site. And it happens not only once. The fact that he is wearing an artificial leg just makes it more awesome.
    • Arnold swerves and avoids two car crashes as he drives Brandon home.
  • Wintertime Business. It's bound to happen because Brandon is placed against Vash; the aforementioned characters are both the badass gunslinging protagonists of Nightow's.
    • Brandon tricking Vash into borrowing money from his moneylender service. Because Vash is a newcomer to the town, Brandon reminds Vash of having no identity card will disable him from borrowing money out there.
      • And he then tempts Vash by slamming bundles of money onto the table!
    • Brandon's shortcut to reach Vash quickly after spotting Vash from the second floor of his moneylender office? Jump out of the window.
    • How does Brandon finally catch Vash? He utilizes his durable body and rolls down a snowy ramp (and breaks his prosthesis in process). He slams into Vash and catches him.
    • Vash himself. He gives Brandon hard time without fighting back. He accidentally knocks down some mailboxes and trash cans as he runs, which trip Brandon and slow him down. And when he's on the top of the traffic light, his movement up there causes snow to fall and hit Brandon on his face. And he dodges Brandon's bullets very easily.
      • And he wrecks Brandon's prosthesis without laying a single finger on Brandon.

Guardian of a Lifetime

  • Lessons from the Streets: Brandon takes out a thug by throwing a slab of rock he created by stomping the ground. Without turning around to look. All thanks to the thug's footsteps. Both hilarious and awesome.
    • Mika standing up for Brandon in the epilogue. Norton slaps Brandon, so she steps Norton on his foot. It's pretty hilarious as well.
  • For the Sake of Survival: Mika herself has her own moments. After finally giving up her compassion, like what Brandon instructs her to, she catches a pickpocket who has just snatched her and Brandon's wallets. She delivers a strong punch to the culprit's back (exactly in the kidneys), incapacitating him.
  • The Hellhound of Billion:
    • In the teaser, it's implied that Brandon is fighting some necrolyzed dogs bare-handed. Keep in mind that they are Immune to Bullets and easily break the morale of a Millennion guardsman.
    • Actually, The Hellhound of Billion is full of it. Brandon is capable of dispatching necrolyzed dogs with bare hand. For the one in the dream, Brandon crushes its head under his foot. For the one that chases down an old lady in the alley, he takes a bite outta its brain.
    • Brandon's bout with the necrolyzed dog in the alley. First, he saves the old lady by grabbing the dog's tail, pulling it back, and throwing it at the wall. The dog does a Wall Jump and injures Brandon's forearm, but Brandon ignores the pain, brings the dog closer to his face, and...chomp.
    • Brandon raiding Millennion's research facility in the past. Complete with Guns Akimbo and his trademark Gangsta Style as he dispatches the orgmen there.
    • Brandon vs Charles in chapter 4. Brandon is later beaten to within an inch of his life, but he still puts up a serious fight with Charles, who has an anti-necrolyze rifle. And Brandon only relies on his head, teeth, and bare hand.
    • When Norton attempts to punch Brandon in his wound so that he'll wake up, Mika shoos him out. However, as revealed in the side story The Missing Necrolyzer, actually, Mika stops Norton's fist from reaching Brandon. By catching his arm and pulling it back. That kid is just fourteen, okay.
    • The flashbacks in chapter 6. Broad Strokes amp up the badassery.
      • An eighteen-year-old Brandon curbstomps three thugs with his bare fists and saves Maria from their harassment. Plenty of Offhand Backhand.
      • There's a eighteen-year-old Brandon saving Big Daddy from a Lightning goon. He refuses to budge despite the goon's threat, which results in him Taking the Bullet for Big Daddy as he shoots down the goon. It wouldn't have been that awesome if not for the fact that Brandon is actually terrified of guns thanks to his parents' deaths by said weapon and just gets over the fear thanks to his strong desire to protect his loved ones.
    • Cerberus' return in chapter 8. It's so awesome that Brandon forgets about his stiff hand. He even manages to twirl it around his finger.
    • Brandon vs. the stray necrolyzer (possibly Gilbert) in chapter 8. Gun Fu plus a Blade Lock between a bludgeon made of a severed leg and a Hand Cannon. Rule of Cool indeed.
      • The fact that Brandon fights without a functioning leg and even his wheelchair and wins just tops it all off.
      • When the stray necrolyzer is terrified by Brandon's marksmanship, he asks, "What are you?" Brandon simply finishes him off with a Boom, Headshot! before answering, "A man of Millennion."


  • Brave Heart: If Word of God has suggested listening to Digimon Adventure Awesome Music Brave Heart, it's to be expected.
    • The teaser hints a massive battle between Brandon and an orgman. Keep in mind that Brandon has lost An Arm and a Leg in the canon, and going by the Fan Verse, he's now using an artificial leg to help him walk. However, throughout the Fan Verse, said prosthetic leg is prone to breaking, considering the odds Brandon is frequently put against.
      • It's revealed to be broken by the time Mika arrives to watch the whole battle. However, Brandon still fights back all while sitting on the ground.
    • Brandon's Cerberus makes a return, after having been absent in the first three series.
    • Despite having been sent flying through the wall, Brandon is still holding his Cerberus and the magazine. It likely hints that the orgman attacks Brandon when he tries to reload his gun. And Brandon simply refuses to give up.
      • It's revealed that Brandon is holding Cerberus, a Hand Cannon, with his teeth as he tries to reload it. Even after getting Punched Across the Room, he is still holding the Hand Cannon with his teeth. And the mag is still in his hand. Determinator indeed.
      • His injuries don't stop him. Not even the avulsion on his forearm can stop him from firing Cerberus and destroy the orgman.
    • Brandon launches the Cerberus mag at the orgman. Right at the damaged leg. Didn't buy him enough time to reload Cerberus, sadly, but it's still very cool.
    • Mika's resolve to not run away anymore. She decides to encourage the injured Brandon by sticking the Cerberus mag in the gun. This culminates in a Moment of Awesome. Show me your brave heart!
    • How does Brandon destroy the orgman's Finger Firearms? By shooting straight into the barrels, causing the orgman's arm to blow up.
  • Crossfire:
    • The very first scene has two big bar bouncers blocking Brandon's way...only to be tossed around like bouncy balls by Brandon.
    • Brandon attacking Zed's office. First, he rips off the door and uses it as a shield. Then he swings it, knocking out all Zed's guards. Then he rams Zed. After that, when he's faced with a wall safe that he doesn't know the password for, he just busts the door down with a punch.
    • Mika has one near the end of the first chapter. A Chimera goon keeps Brandon locked in place by holding her hostage with a D-Point pressed against her head. The goon fires at Brandon, but none of the shots really affects him. Mika then tells the goon that Brandon can only be harmed by a point-blank bullet to the head. The guard immediately moves closer to Brandon, which allows the necrolyzer to snatch the D-Point and give him a much deserved Boom, Headshot!.
    • Vash's ways of dealing with his foes involve his Super Speed, such as how he frustrates the thug to submission. This includes throwing a snowball at him.
    • Vash's greatest feat in the second chapter is actually resolving the brief encounter between Brandon and the Chimera agents without killing anybody. He simply steals everybody's guns with his Super Speed and forces the goons to escape. When Brandon attempts to chase them, Vash threatens to shoot Brandon. It clearly annoys the big creepy necrolyzer and causes him to try crushing Vash against the wall, but the distraction is what that saves the Chimera agents.

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