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  • Julie's response to an entire group of thugs in the second chapter is to have Ship point all of his weapons at them in his space shift form.
  • Sandbox's first appearance against Orianous and defeating him with a self-made sandstorm
  • Skurd connecting to the Omnitrix after all of the things that was done against Psyphon's group...and his Heel–Face Turn after it.
  • Ben taking down Kundo early for attacking Rook's family in Tennyson in Farmland. Also in that is Grandmother Rafi showing her martial arts skills.
  • Verdona revealing she was holding back against Ben, Kevin and Gwen way back in her first appearance. She then schools Darkstar for manipulating her granddaughter.
    • To add to that, Darkstar has become a powerful mage in his own right.
  • In a frightning way, The Faction defeating Animo's mutants rather quickly.
  • Ben giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both Carl Nesmith and Will Harangue after all the stuff they pulled on him.
  • Ben's return as Feedback and using the DNA repairing part of the Omnitrix to fix Malware.
  • Ultimos gets a big moment in the start of season 3 after getting his powers back by going All Might on the monster that the Incurseans brought with them.
  • Ben turning into Wyvurn, an S-Class Alien. Everyone was shocked with how fast Ben was able to power through with it and defeat the Forever Knights.
  • The very brief scuffle between the Bens of Earth 1 and Earth 23 occurs, as Ben 10 is easily able to disable Ben 23 in his Vaxasaurian form with little effort as Four-Arms.
    • Kevin of Earth 23 absorbe and later fought with the force of an explosion's fireball and shockwave.
  • The battle against Vilgax. Especially given he is still as powerful as ever despite being a Handicapped Badass with a lot of faulty cybernetics.
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  • Unlike in canon where it knocked him down, Vilgax takes the Techadon Disapator cannon blast head-on and then crushes it with his bound hands...and the blast was enough to free him and defeat everyone

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