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Heartwarming / Ben 10: Guardians

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  • The relationships are given more interests and expansion to show the closeness between each couple.
  • The friendships are also shown more, including relationships between Ben's team and Manny's own.
  • The Knights of Ascalon became heroes in honor of Ben's actions during the events involving the Diagon, collecting riffraff in the Knights to make up the members.
  • Rook Da's character is more sympathetic as he does not hate outsiders because of racism, it's because he misses his brother. He is however more open when Ben builds him a statue of his younger brother.
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  • Sunny and Gwen reconciling. Adding to the fact that Lucy joins in with Ben (with her encouragement of course).
  • Ben calling his dad a "real hero."
  • Ben and his family having good interactions at the party with the other guests, including grateful guests.
  • Ben and his counterpart from the 23rd Dimension have some nice moments in it.

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