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Tear Jerker / Ben 10: Guardians

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  • Ben having nightmares about Malware in the past have taken a bit of a toll on him when Guardians starts, likely remembering Feedback.
    • The flashback for Feedback's initial destruction was devestating for everyone involved; Ben was traumatised, Gwen and Max could only hold him to comfort him and Azmuth could only watch from afar after Malware's supposed demise.
    • Ben and Skurd later find a recording of when Azmuth removes the Omnitrix from his 11 year old self
  • Billy's backstory is treated a lot more tragically, especially with his parent's deaths at the hands of Computron.
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  • Rook's family lost a member because of a rogue plumber; Da's brother, Rook Fra. A bit of a Heartwarming moment occurs when Ben makes a statue.
  • Carl Tennyson getting injured by Captain Nemesis with Ben watching in horror.
  • It's revealed in Ben 23's earth that Grandpa Max died when he was rather young

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