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Funny / Ben 10: Guardians

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  • The Deadpan Snarker tendencies Julie has to go through as the Only Sane Woman of her original trio of Ben, herself and Rook.
  • Rook's sudden appearance at Ben and Julie's school in the third Chapter of the first season.
  • Octagon and Rhomboid still blew up the academy...but they came back begging.
  • Molestasche is a blind alien...and is given the name by Jerry.
    Jerry from Inhuman Resources: IT'S A GOOD NAME AND YOU KNOW IT!
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  • Skurd's remarks are still amusing, like in the canon version.
  • Rath is hilarious as per usual.
    • Up to Eleven when you give Rath's personality and powers to Cooper.
  • Rook's Grandmother has a similar...tendency to a certain mandrill from a well loved film.
  • Skurd attempting to use the tagline of the newest My Little Pony upon Uniburn's first use
    • Speaking of, Ben having some trouble staying upright with Uniburn's...wheel appendage.
  • During the Revvonahgander festivities, Rook's younger brother Young One convinces Ben to dress in traditional attire... women's traditional attire.
  • Ben tells someone to look out to their left, and Darkstar looked there...which only led to him getting hit since he was talking to Verdona.
  • When Helen becomes human, she has to get something to cover the back of her pants due to having...well, no tail.
  • When fighting Trombipulor, Enormity got grabbed and squeezed...which led to something right out of Team Four Star.
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  • Jimmy easily cracking into Eddie's security, much to his shock (to the point of having to sit down)
  • Skurd ends up getting into some...awkward spot when Looma makes her reappearance. And he's also the only one not in the know, and makes it clear he's annoyed that no one is filling him in.
  • Psychobos getting annoyed that he's being used as a chair during a rather tragic retelling of Feedback's destruction.
  • During the Secret Saturdays crossover, Julie calls in for backup:
  • Skurd gets whacked with several cushions when he can't keep his mouth shut during Ben's talk with Julie's dad.
  • Ben transforms into Rath to combat an equally loud and proud Appoplexian headhunter. You can probably guess what happens next.

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