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Nightmare Fuel / Being Dead Ain't Easy

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  • The story starts with Kaiba's limo blowing up and Joey being shot to death. Kaiba would have been killed if Joey wasn't there.
  • The idea that you can be barred from the afterlife and doomed to cease to exist due to something as mundane as tripping over your shoes is pretty unnerving. The real reason is just as bad, since Seto bound Joey's soul to his own, making it so Joey's killing Kaiba by complete accident as well as slowly dying himself.
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  • Joey is understandably freaked out when he makes it back to earth just in time to miss his own funeral and finds no one can see or hear him.
  • Tristan blames Kaiba for Joey's death and attacks him over it several times. Joey notes that since his death Tristan has become a lot harder, and it scares him.
  • Seto Kaiba slowly loses his mind as the story progresses, and only Joey, Mokuba and Yugi really notice.
  • When Joey exerts too much energy moving things around he gets hit with waves of dizziness, tiredness, and nausea despite being dead. He worries that eventually he'll run out of energy and disappear, which turns out to be accurate when Yami Yugi tells Joey point-blank that he's going to die again and completely cease to exist.
  • Joey gets into a fight with Yami Bakura, which severely drains him to the point that he becomes transparent. His description of Bakura first attacking him is creepy too.
    Joey: I turn around to leave—and somebody wraps an arm around my neck and squeezes. If I was breathing, I wouldn't be anymore.
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  • Kaiba kept the trench coat he was wearing when Joey died, which is still soaked with blood. Joey is very freaked out by it.
  • Mokuba is very worried when Kaiba goes to confront someone who wants to murder them, especially since he was running on no sleep and little food. He ends up almost getting killed.
  • Morrison turns an elevator into a death trap that heads to the top floor of the building at increasing speed, stops, and then blows up the cables so it falls. While Kaiba and Joey escape, that's immediately tempered by the fact that the door to the roof wasn't messed with, and he almost kills Kaiba with poison gas. When they get through that obstacle, he's waiting on the roof for them with multiple sets of guns. It ends with Kaiba pushing him off the roof to his death.
    Seto Kaiba smiles in the worst way I've ever seen... and shoves Morrison off the top floor of the Kaiba Corp. building.
    It's a long way down.
    Six seconds later, there's a screech of tires and a thick-sounding 'thud'. No more Morrison.
    Kaiba just killed a man.
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  • Yami Bakura reveals that since Kaiba bonded Joey's soul to his own, Joey has been slowly killing Kaiba as his own condition worsens.
  • By the time of chapter 24 Joey's gotten so weak all he can do is lie on a couch and stare at the ceiling, unable to move or get up, and Kaiba has to prop him up like a doll. He feels like he's lying on his deathbed and notes he'll probably never lay on a couch again.
  • On the way to perform the ritual, Joey can't move or speak safely as doing so could kill him instantly. He mentions feeling like pieces of himself are flying off into nothingness as they drive.
  • Yami Bakura's deck monsters are real, and he uses Man-Eater Bug and Spellbinding Circle to attack and subdue Kaiba. When the battle goes poorly for him, he switches back to Ryou and uses him as a human shield.
  • Joey has a slow, horrifying realization after the battle with Yami Bakura. Seto's soul isn't in his body.
  • The penultimate chapters of the story deal with the threat of being permanently trapped in a Soul Room with all the dangers conjured up from Seto Kaiba's mind. Making it worse is that Kaiba is okay with it, as he feels no one needs him in the real world.
    • When Kaiba agrees to head back to the real world, he concentrates on opening an exit, but nothing happens. He and Joey are immediately swarmed, and if not for Joey's willpower they would have been trapped there forever.
    Joey: We were so close! No! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!
  • When in the Soul Room, Kaiba is kidnapped by millions of Funny Bunnies, one of which resembles Pegasus. It's equal parts funny and terrifying, as there are so many of them they could smother Joey in dragon form.
  • The cliffhanger of chapter 35, which involves Yami Bakura saving Joey from a materialized Funny Bunny. In the following chapter he tells Joey to never let Seto into their Soul Room again.
  • Yami Bakura uses Joey's Red-Eyes card as ransom, threatening to tear it if Kaiba won't do as he says.
  • A Fridge Horror example: In one chapter, Joey spends over two hours pushing a chair into position by Kaiba's bed, and then the rest of the night pushing it back. The very next morning, he gets hit with his first dizzy spell when trying to move a cup of coffee. Trying to move the chair drained his energy so much that it put a serious limit on his time left on Earth - that simple act nearly killed him again in the long run.


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