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Nightmare Fuel / Seven Days in Sunny June

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Book I

  • "The Club", and how close they came to raping Twilight, Rarity, and Octavia.
  • Twilight's nightmares.

Three Nights at Freddy's

  • All of the original games - involving killer animatronics - is Nightmare Fuel in and of itself. And any crossover with it is no exception.
    • Shinzakura has stated, however, that 3NAF is "semi-canonical":
    Shinzakura: "It’s semi-canonical. Officially, there was a fight that destroyed a Freddy Fazbear’s restaurant in Sunnytown. But that was due to Les SCARS who were trying to scare off Shim, Sham and by extension, Adagio, so they could continue to use it as a firebase against SIREN. The more horrific and magical parts of it relating to the FNAF franchise aren’t official to the BV, however."

Book IV

  • The Tarot card-based murders.
  • The reveal that Octavia's unborn twin Melody, absorbed in the womb, is still alive inside her and is the cause of her darker behavior in recent months.

Book V

  • The fact that Boysenberry is Ret-Gone and that her "vanishing" ties together two characters who had completely been at odds before.