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To solve the riddle of Twilight's nightmares, Sunset will be forced to return to Equestria.
  • Given that her best attempt to ease Twilight's night-terrors (a spell designed to protect against an invading force in the mind) has failed, Sunset will need the aid of beings more powerful in magic than her.
    • Well, doesn't the cover already show a pony version of Sunset in Ponyville talking to Princess Twilight, with Octavia and another pony?
      • Yes, but we don't know what will cause Sunset to return to Equestria, hence the WMG. Also, that 'other pony' is none other than Raspberry Beryl herself. It's hard to tell, both because the image of her is upside down, and because she's partially obscured by the text.
      • Confirmed.

Sombra will have somehow survived the Crystal Empire incident and is using Twily's body to resurrect himself.
  • The fact that he's using a Twilight Sparkle to gain revenge on the Twilight Sparkle would be poetic justice as far as he's concerned.
    • Possibly Jossed as Raspberry was revealed to have been the (unintentional) cause for the nightmares.

The Octavia pony shown on the upside down portion of the cover poster is human Octavia ("Tavi") ...
  • ... and she doesn't like being a pony, hence the rolling of the eyes.
    • Well, given that she's the greatgreatgreatxwhatevergranddaughter of La Musica, that would make sense
      • Apparently Jossed, as BlueBastard states that Sunset's "on her own." Presumably the Octavia pony is the pony Octavia Melody, and not "Tavi".
      • Jossed, "Tavi" did not travel with Sunset nor was present for her departure or return.

Celestia will attempt to kill Sunset for reasons of revenge ...
  • But Luna will come to the rescue, insisting that if Celestia forgave Luna, she can forgive Sunset as well.
    • Alternate guess: Celestia will NOT try to kill Sunset, but will just be thrilled to have her back... albeit a little dismayed, though understanding, when Sunset tells her she isn't staying in Equestria (and why she returned in the first place).
      • Original WMG jossed, second mostly confirmed (that Celestia is thrilled to have her back and repentant for her past actions).

There will be a huge misunderstanding between Sunset and Raspberry
  • Sunset has learned that Raspberry is (apparently) the only living practitioner of dark magic. Meanwhile, Raspberry just found out that Sunset used to be Celestia's student until they came to verbal blows. The potential for a magic clash between the two is building.
    • Confirmed, it happens after Sunset sees Raspberry "attacking" Princess Twilight and not knowing it was just a test of a shield spell Twilight made that went horribly wrong.

The Events of Rainbow Rocks will have an impact in Book III
  • Though given the radical change in world, would the sirens be the same, or would they be something else?
    • Jossed, unless there was a teenage assassin and French megalomaniac plot that I somehow missed.

We will finally find out what happened to the human Sunset Shimmer in Book III
  • If she was from Canterlot, then she must still have relatives or friends of the family living there, and someone's got to put two and two together regarding Sunny's presence, right?
    • confirmed

Sunset will be officially adopted by the Sparkles (Lights? Armors? What is the family's last name?) in Book III
  • Of course, she will tell them the truth and while they'll shun her initially, it'll be Twily who defends "her big sister".
    • Possibly Jossed, in the sense of a family last name. Shinzakura has said in earlier posts that he believes pony naming is similar to that of the Indonesian naming system, insofar as monomymic and polynimic names, with family names being a rarity (like the Riches and Pies, to some extent.)

Principal Celestia will be shocked and astounded when she finds out who Sunset's former mentor was.
  • Seeing as it's HER counterpart, and book III, chapter 2 confirms she doesn't know this... her reaction will definitely be interesting.

Fluttershy's father is Filthy Rich.
  • Even though Shinzakura hinted otherwise, given his status as a Trolling Creator, that's likely a red herring.
    • JOSSED. And I mean seriously jossed. As in Jossed with a capital D-I-S-C-O-R-D.

Sombra's wife is not Chrysalis.
  • Note that Sombra only referred to her as Chrys, not "Chryssie'' or anything that is traditionally associated with the changeling queen. Also, given that out of the two authors Shinzakura's more likely to throw curveballs, I'm willing to bet that this isn't Chrysalis' counterpart.
    • Unlikely. Given that there are very few words that have that letter string in it, it would have to be Chrysalis.
      • Confirmed. Sombra's wife is a psychologist by the name of Chrysoberyl. The teal hair coloring she had earlier was hair coloring, as her natural hair color is soft pink.

A Certain Parisian Girl will not survive Book IV
  • There can be only one after all.
    • Kinda sorta Jossed. Best not to explain unless you've read the story.

The aforementioned Parisian Girl is Related in the Adaptation to Fancy Pants and Coco.
It's said her grandmother just died. And Fancy Pants and Coco just lost THEIR grandmother. Perhaps these two women are, in fact, the same person.
  • Confirmed.

The Tarot Cards found by the cops all tie into their individual murder victims
.So far we have The Fool, The Chariot and Strength.
  • The Fool symbolizes the start of a journey, and Liza Doolots was the first killed; additionally, she was found on a mountain, which people tend to journey to.
  • The Chariot symbolizing controlling two different emotions. Watermelody was trying to help her friend master her fears. Plus, they did it at a pedestrian mall, which are usually made from closed roadways.
  • Strength is pretty much as is, plus self-control and other positive attributes. As a future Olympian, Indigo Zap definitely embodied those qualities. Plus, an Olympian, regardless of discipline, has to be strong.

Octavia's "last" name comes from her dead sister.
Dead Guy Junior: The "Melody" part of her name was originally her unborn twin's intended name, but was given to her when she absorbed said twin in the womb.
  • This can't be true, given that in Book I, it's said that they didn't find out Tavi was a chimera until well into her childhood, thus indicating that no one knew she had a fraternal twin at one point during gestation.

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