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Headscratchers / Seven Days In Sunny June

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Platinum's Mirror

If the mirror is supposed to only open up every thirty moons (or two years, six months), why did it open in a four-year period, allowing for the events of the original movie to occur instead of five?

SIREN (and Les SCARS, to some extent)

How the hell did no one realize that Canada was running an illegal child program? Granted, Canada has special forces (Task Force Arrowhead) and presumably black-ops stuff, but SIREN and Les SCARS were about as illegal as it gets!
  • Keep in mind that SIREN may not be as far-fetched as you might think it is. There is a Real Life urban myth about a similar organization known as the Beliye Kolgotki, or the "White Tights". Tales of said organization have been around for quite some time, with some reports being as recent as 2008 (though tales have persisted even as recent as 2014). Various versions of it accuse the CIA, MI-6, and yes, even CSIS of being the mastermind behind the White Tights. Presumably In-Universe, the White Tights may have simply been a predecessor version of SIREN.
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