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Headscratchers / Red Lightning

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  • Where did the Storm come from, for starters?
    • The Author stated it was because of the Y2K Bug.
    • I think that was a lie, considering Timedancers has Storms before of the invention of computers.
  • Why did the Stone Fang fall from the sky just before the storm in Timedancers?
    • It probaly has something to do with the Red Head man that interrupted Molisn and Lee.
    • And presumably what Poltergeist is helping the Onimous voice obtain.
  • Riddle me this. How come Ace is 18 when he was found 10 years after Double-D left, when he didn't exist at all.
    • Because that was the Future of which Double D returned.
  • Ace is 18 ten years after Double D left. so how come Ace is 18. Using Logic, It would Mean Ace was 8 Before Double D left.

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