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Red Lightning is a currently ongoing Ed, Edd n Eddy fan fiction, centering around Double-D and Eddy after having been hit by The Storm, a Mass Super-Empowering Event that has given a small portion of the Peach Creek community superpowers, and left an even smaller portion mentally stable.

Double-D and Eddy seem to have developed a hobby of fighting off Super-Powered Psychopaths (Super Psychos, for short) and have a bit of difficulty keeping there operation under wraps.


Season 3 seems to have spawned not one but two spin-offs. The first is TimeDancers, where Double-D embarks on adventures through time with his own son, and combats a myriad of historical villains. The second is LightningStrike, focusing on Hector's inheritance of the mantle as Peach Creek's defender. Season 4 came shortly after, with Double-D returning.

The Series has two spin offs, each by different authors. One being Chasing the Storm which Chronicles Lee Kanker's Activities after the Storm. and the other is Damnation A Crossover Between MediEvil and The 'Verse it's set in.

Shows a surprising amount of Fan-Art. The two hotspots can be found here, and are run by Author Hector Railway and Scissor Snipper (Who wrote Chasing the Storm and submitted a fair amount of characters)They can be found here —> here—>


The series also has a Character Sheet.

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