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Nightmarefuel / Chasing Dragons

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  • Pick most any scene where the Po V is in battle to start with.

  • The sex slave school Robert finds in Pentos. We are spared full details but even after witnessing horrors at war Robert and his men are stunned and appalled by what they find there.

    • Robert brutally killing the magister who ran it is this mixed with Crazy Awesome In-Universe.

    • Then you think about Lys, which is famous for sex slaves. This establishment was likely very small scale compared to what goes on there.

  • The death of Hastron Ordello, Magister of Pentos, is one for the Magisters. Being a literal case of Turned Against Their Masters.

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  • Victarion's party in the Palace of Order. The author even put it in warnings.

  • Lyn Corbay's patrol on the border finds the corpses group of escaped slaves who were massacred. The state of the remains makes even Ser Lyn Corbay feel uncomfortable.

    • This event triggers the next round of the Slaver Wars.

  • Mero and his sellswords crushing the Turtle River Slave Revolt with revolting ease and cruelty. It reminds us of why and how the Magisters world order has stood for so long prior to the events of this story.

  • The Battle of Tyrosh introduces us to a new kind of nightmare with brutal naval warfare.

    • The Slaver Fleet's trap is this. For the Abolitionists it becomes a major defeat making their sacrifices up to that point All for Nothing. And when the trapped Braavosi hoist the Black Banner(ordering all their fleet members to fight to the death) it becomes one for the slavers facing that Last Stand.

  • Everything that happens to the Qohorik Commander after he runs into the mists of the Sorrows alone after the Battle of Chorayne.

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