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Nightmare Fuel / Broken Legends

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  • Everything that happens on the Seafloor Cavern, as this is where things diverge from Omega Ruby and really start going to heck. In this 'verse, using the Red Orb to try and control Groudon forcibly morphs him into a Half-Human Hybrid, who promptly loses his mind.
    • Archie's attempt to stop him nearly costs him his life, and Kiera narrowly avoids getting killed herself.
  • Weakness: a short fic dealing with Kiera's nightmares after the Seafloor Cavern, building up to her decision to deliberately try and KILL Maxie through his connection with Groudon.
    • Weakness also establishes that Kiera came THIS CLOSE to killing both Maxie and Archie in the heat of battle... and isn't entirely sure why she held back. In fact, she's frustrated by the fact she did.
  • Norman provides a different sort of horror simply through being an Actual Leaky Trashbag.
    • The only reason he doesn't rely on physical abuse to try and keep Kiera in line? The second time he tried it, she fought back. That's literally the only reason he doesn't try and beat his daughter senseless.
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    • Word of God establishes that for all that he tries to control Kiera, he doesn't have anything in particular in mind. He isn't trying to guide her towards a certain career so much as keep her from doing anything HE doesn't want her to do. The closest thing he's got to a plan for her future is wanting to marry her off to somebody who can "calm her down."
    • After Kiera becomes a Half-Human Hybrid, he actually encourages Hoenn turning against her en masse and hunting her down like an animal. Why? Because now he can have her locked up in a lab 'for her own safety'. Plus he gets to gloat about 'being RIGHT.'
  • All of the chaos with the Trio in Hoenn doesn't go unnoticed by other regions. Over in Kanto and Johto, Team Rocket is actually inspired to start Playing with Syringes, experimenting on their own men trying to make half-pokemon Super Soldiers. The 'mons used in these experiments tend to be their signature preferences, like Zubat, Rattata, Koffing and Ekans.
    • The Koffing/Weezing hybrids tend not to last very long. Three guesses why.
    • Team Rocket also manage to get their hands on post-Delta Brendan, imprisoning them for several years before the Trio shows up.
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  • In the aftermath of the Delta Episode, Brendan Birch winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time... getting hit by a meteor fragment that punches right into their chest. Things just go downhill from there, what with the whole Deoxys infection and all...
  • The Orre arc involves Archie being Mind Raped into becoming a Shadow Pokemon. The authors go into what the nightmares feel like:
    Gena: There's no freedom, no power fantasy, there's just endless hunger and the cold void pressing in on all sides
    Olita: One wrong move, one moment of weakness, and you're devoured alive by a monster you couldn't even see coming
    Olita: Being beyond any kind of emotion whatsoever. Slaughtering them only sharpens his hunger, drives him to kill and kill and kill until he's once again the only thing left in the void

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