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Nightmare Fuel / Inverted Fate

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  • The fact that in this AU, Frisk didn't have enough Determination to win against Asriel, and he successfully reset the timeline. Word of God says the changes caused were because he didn't quite have control over his powers... Just imagine what he could have done if he did.
    • When Asriel finds himself back in flower form, he decides to "help" Frisk (Who he still thinks is Chara), who has no memory of the original timeline, so that he can get to the Souls again. Just knowing that he's using them to get what he wants with them being none the wiser is unsettling.
  • Frisk's journey through the Ruins is fun... until they are killed in an encounter with a Loox, a Migosp, and the Dummy. Their reaction upon waking up at the point where they last saved, with the narration describing their pain, can be a surprise to anyone who thought that Frisk wouldn't be too affected by resetting after death. Especially if you've gotten many Game Overs from playing Undertale.
  • Undyne. She's now the Royal Scientist, and has created many weapons to stop humans and get that last Soul needed to break the spell. She's also much more bitter and angry than in canon, due to the Waterfall Incident and her involvements with the DT experiments, and she's determined to destroy the Barrier no matter what. She's also aware of Frisk's Save Scumming, and is possibly planning to use that against them...
    • The Inverted Fate Tumblr blog and website have six secret pages that can be accessed by going there, typing a forward slash, and then a specific word or phrase (for example: These pages feature short stories that give hints about something that happened with Undyne in the past...
      • One of these secret pages is not actually about Undyne, but instead about Toriel getting a visit from someone who is implied to be Gaster, who wanted to do something with the Mage's SOUL after they died...
  • In Hotland, the save points look slightly glitchy, but still seem to function normally. What's causing them to be that way has yet to be revealed, but whatever it is will most likely have consequences later...
    • They look even more distorted in the CORE, to the point where they look more like yellow smears than save points.
    • The fact that Undyne can see save points and remember every instance of Frisk resetting...
  • In the CORE, When Mad Dummy becomes Mad Mew Mew, they do something to Frisk's SOUL that causes Chara to become temporarily separated from them... and visible to them, Mad Mew Mew, Undyne, and Flowey. And the latter two recognise Chara.

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