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Nightmare Fuel / The Second Try

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This is the page for Nightmare Fuel moments of The Second Try:

  • When Asuka faces Arael again, she's over her Mommy Issues. ...What Arael targets instead is a million times worse.
    • Just in case you're wondering, it shows Aki dying all alone in the post apocalyptic world, while she yells at Asuka, saying that everything is her fault. Digging even deeper, the angel uses her memories of when she tried to abort the pregnancy, having Aki claim that Asuka never wanted her in the first place or that she just wanted to kill Aki herself (basically implying that Asuka ended up just as bad as, if not worse than her own mother post contact experiment).
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    • Even after coming to terms with everything that happened, Asuka has to have Aki ripped away from her yet again.
  • Gendo's fate, when you think about it.
  • In Repeat Asuka is afraid of have to go through all events in the series again, survive in the post-TI wastelands again, have and raise a daughter again... only for the world resetting AGAIN.
  • In raise, Asuka and Shinji take their eyes off Aki for a few minutes to talk...and when they turn around they see her being carried off by wild animals. They get her back, but they're both shaken, reasonably so—it's absolutely terrifying to think that their daughter could have died in that short time they weren't watching her.