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  • Chapter 2 has a few lighthearted Slice of Life moments despite the otherwise heavy atmosphere.
    • After switching off the hospital's emergency generator, leaving them in the dark, Asuka gives Shinji a Jump Scare by making a Scary Flashlight Face.
    • Asuka, and later Shinji, learning how to drive. Even better, the pick-up they were using was a standard stick-shift. It's a wonder that they didn't hit anything or burn out the transmission.
    • Shinji's attempts at catching chickens.
  • A policeman and Rei are trying to find out who Aki's parents are, but Aki doesn't know their names (since she always just calls them "Mama" and "Papa"). The policeman asks what her mother calls her father other than "Papa":
    Aki: *thinks hard* "Baka!"
    Policeman: "Well, that narrows it down to just about every married man in the city..."
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  • When Asuka tries to get Aki to say "Papa", we get this little gem:
    Mama: "Can you say 'Papa'? 'Pa – pa."
    Aki: "Baga."
    Papa: "...She didn't really just say what I think she said, did she...?"
  • The mental image of Shinji following a young Aki around everywhere with a video camera is just adorably hilarious. And he still misses the part (her first steps) that he was really hoping to see.
  • The "Hey, look, the newlyweds are fighting!" line from Toji is revisited, and Shinji and Asuka both try hard to act like they did the first time, except Toji notices that the two of them are having a hard time keeping a straight face.
  • Mainly because of context, this line in chapter 4 is hilarious.
    She never expected that people could be so close to someone else – without being a combined puddle of mud – as she was now with Shinji.
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  • The conversation between Asuka and Misato the morning after a rather distraught Asuka let the facade drop when Misato confronted her about the "anonymous" warning letter.
    Misato: "So... you two are in love, huh?"
    Asuka: (hesitant nod)
    Misato: "Something serious?"
    Asuka: (small smile) "I guess you could say so..."
    Misato: "For how long?"
    Asuka: (smile grows larger) "A while."
    Misato: (surprised) "And how serious?"
    Asuka: (Grinning from ear to ear) "Quite..."
    Misato: (surprise changing to shock) "That quite?"
    Asuka: (about to start giggling) "Maybe..."
    Misato: (completely dumbfounded)
  • When Misato tries to tease Asuka by suggesting her a man's thong as a present for Shinji, Asuka tells her about a time when he actually attempted to surprise her by wearing one... which promptly sent her into a fit of helpless laughter.