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Nightmarefuel / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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These alternate adventures the Power Ponies face can adventurous, heartwarming, and tearjerking, but they definitely can be nightmarish.

Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


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  • Fluttershy's rampage in the city when she became angry.
  • It is heavily implied that Caballeron was intending to rape Fluttershy.

    The Main-Raising Joke 
  • The Mane-iac in general. Rarity is truly disturbed by how she switches in between moods, going from threatening the life of her roommate and inviting Rarity to be her partner in crime in just a few seconds. The Power Ponies realise just how deranged she is when tries to remove the Power Ponies' masks and failing (thanks to a precautionary spell by Matter-horn) decides to cut them off the mares' faces with scissors. Rarity's intervention is all that keeps her from actually doing it.
  • The Mane-iac going to cut the Power Ponies' masks off their skin.

    The Shadow King 
  • After Sombra injects himself with the serum, he collapses on the floor, twitching and heaving, struggling to breathe. He lets out a horrifying cry before he vanishes.
  • Sombra's state of being. He is reduced to a shadow that cannot assume solid form.
  • Sombra pursuing Fili-Second and Zapp on her back. Neither of them can see him; Fili only stays one step ahead by virtue of her speed and even then Zapp can constantly feel and hear Sombra's breath on her neck every time he gets close to them.

    The Sirens' Song 
  • The Sirens turning everypony against Mare-vellous.
  • The Sirens' response to Fluttershy summoning Discord. They are openly scared.

    Heart of Stone 
  • The first chapter (the prologue) has a child unknowingly stumbling upon and awakening Discord. It's lucky for Fluttershy that Discord takes a liking to her. Worse, Discord implies that he has hurt children in the past.
    • In the same chapter filly!Fluttershy touches Discord's amulet. In his statue Discord cannot see what happens to her: he only hears a cry and an explosion. He genuinely fears that she might be dead until he hears her breathing. It's only when more people enter the cave some time later that Fluttershy speaks and tries to get up, which is long enough for there to have been several search parties out looking for her. If Fluttershy really was hurt, it would have been hours before anyone found her.
  • Discord just tossing ponies who aren't Fluttershy over his shoulder carelessly. Bear in mind he's flying several stories high through the air at this time.
  • Discord easily snatching Fluttershy away to his dimension.


    Don't Cry After Sunset 
  • Some of Sunset Shimmers actions throughout the plot can be scary.
  • The Phoenix's hideout. Just the whole scene.
    • Sunset outright yelling at Twilight for not reconizing that she loved her is pretty scary.
    • The scene in which Sunset forcefully kissed Twilight, while she was still chained and her magic locked. Sunset afterwards seemed horrified with herself when Twilight called her out on this.
  • The mere fact that The Phoenix had been stalking Twilight Sparkle for sometime after her release is unnerving, not to mention how through her research into each of the Power Pony members was.

    Longhorn's Journey Into Night 
  • Applejack’s goal being to murder Longhorn is fairly chilling. She’s determined to go through with even though it means she’ll cease to be Dementer’s Vassal.

    The Pharaoh's Curse 
  • Discord's reaction when he learns Fluttershy has been kidnapped.
    Discord: I'm going to tear that 'Mummy Creep' limb from limb and mount his head on my wall!
    • And when Discord is told he can punish him after Fluttershy is rescued:
    Discord: That Mummy Creep just better hope those heros manage to kill him, because when I get to him, I'm going to do something much worse.

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