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Awesome / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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Whehter inside or outside of their heroic personas, the Mane Six as the Power Ponies know how to kick flank.


The Mane-Raising Joke

  • Rarity clueing the rest of the Power Ponies in on her location even while eing in the same room as the Henchponies.
    • Not to mention her taking out Blowdry when he tries to come onto her.

  • Saddler-Rager's debut, when she rescues the rest of the team.

  • Coco Pommel and Spike successfully defeating the Mane-iac. Special mention to Coco, who learns to use Rarity's bracelets well enough to impersonate her in one night.

The Shadow King

The Sirens Song

Heart of Stone

Don't Cry After Sunset

Longhorn's Journey Into the Night

  • Humdrum managed to install trackers on the team member's suits, which help him find Mistress Mare-vellous. Not even Twilight knew about them. This is very impressive for Spike.

The Pharoh's Curse


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