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Quotes / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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Quotes from the eponymous "The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies."


The Mane-Raising Joke

The Shadow King

The Sirens' Song

Aria: They have Zeus on their side?!

Heart of Stone

Daring Do: Dash,I've just gone over my old Gracian texts talking about the Discordian Prophecy, and I think one of the words may have been mistranslated and if it means what I think it means, your friend Fluttershy may be in danger!
Zapp: What do you mean? What does it say?
Daring Do: Well,when going over the prophecy, I remembered that in Ancient Gracian, the word for 'core' also translates into 'heart,' so rather than Discord being released by the 'Keeper of His Core,' it could mean the 'Keeper of His Heart!' And, well, this changes the meaning of the text completely!
Zapp: What are you say—?
Daring Do: I'm saying that if your friend Fluttershy's the one who released Discord, it's because she has his heart! And the next couple lines say he will give the Keeper of His Heart everlasting life, making her his and his alone!
Zapp: You don't mean…
Daring Do: Dash, I think Discord plans to make your friend his immortal bride!

Fluttershy: I'd, um...actually like to be a tree.
Discord: Hmm. I suppose that can be arranged.

Don't Cry After Sunset

Longhorn's Journey into the Night

The Pharoah's Curse

Discord: Sweet Hera, you''re...the most beautifully chaotic creature I've ever encountered!

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