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Funny / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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You can expect this fanfic having all hilarious zany humor of superheroes and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.


  • Mistress Mare-vellous is like the snarker and lampshader on the zany or corny sides of superhero fiction.


  • You have to admit, seeing Rainbow as Daring Do's lowly assistant is funny in itself.
  • Rainbow Dash getting her superhero name:
    Rainbow rubbed her chin. "Uh…let's see. I have Zeus' powers, so wouldn't that make me…Zeus?"
    The earth mare folded her hooves. "That's blasphemy. Ya don't hear me callin' myself Demeter just cuz I have her rope, do ya?"
    "Okay, okay! Then how about…" She glanced down at her necklace and smiled. "Zap?"
    Mare-velous cocked her head. "Kinda short, ain't it?"
    Rainbow thought further. "With...two P's?"
    She shrugged. "Better."
  • Mistress Mare-vellous giving Zapp a dressing-down for revealing that she knows Fluttershy - thereby allowing Zapp to figure out her secret identity. Followed by the Masked Matter-horn revealing that she has known Mare-vellous' secret identity for weeks.
    Mare-vellous: Smart aleck.
    • Bonus for both of them telling Zapp that it is not enough just to take off your glasses.
  • Fluttershy's therapist Tree Hugger, who is so new-agey that Mare-vellous and Zapp need Filli-second to translate what she is saying.
    Filli-second: I speak hippie.
  • Mistress Mare-vellous' (initial) staunch refusal to become part of the group, with calling the Power Ponies name corny.
  • The way the Power Ponies calm down an out-of-control Fluttershy; by singing a lullaby and offering her a stuffed bunny.


The Mane-Raising Joke

  • When the Mane-iac breaks into Rarity and Coco's apartment, both understandably freaked but try to stay calm for fear of angering her. At one point in their conversation Rarity mentions that it's as if she's become a criminal mastermind and after a beat the Mane-iac starts laughing wildly. Coco and Rarity both awkwardly laugh along with her.
    • Immediately after, this exchange:
    "You really think," the Mane-iac said, still cackling, "that I'm a criminal mastermind?" She thrust her face into Rarity's. "Mastermind's a bit of a stretch, but I appreciate the flattery."
    Rarity stopped laughing.

The Shadow King

  • Zapp and Fili's mistakes lead to an ice block being sent flying into a nearby pet shop.
    Fili-second: Oops. Uh...better not tell Saddle Rager about that.
  • Flash Sentry starts raving about the Power Ponies (especially the Masked Matter-horn) on his date with Twilight, much to her discomfort.

The Siren's Song

  • Pinkie Pie and Sonata's date. Sonata tries her first taco, rushes off to jump in a fountain and gets warned by Pinkie Pie about getting a cramp before having a friendly conversation about each others' lives as a superhero and an evil siren.
  • Rainbow Dash going into shock when she catches Sonata and Pinkie Pie canoodling in the cupboard.
    • Pinkie tells her later that it was all her idea.


Heart of Stone

  • Discord robs several stores in succession. The first, he phase through the window to grab something. The second, he lifts up the window, grabs something, and drops the window (which shatters it). The third, he just forgoes subtlety and smashes it to grab the item.
  • Discord casually asks a random pony for directions after he grabbed her from her apartment.
  • Discord doesn't realize that it's the mare who wears the dress at a wedding. When the Power Ponies gather to fight him, he's wearing a bright orange wedding dress.
    • Pinkie Pie even compliments him on it while they're fighting.
  • Throughout Fluttershy's conversation with Discord, the Power Ponies are listening in over the commlink. At one point they get distracted and start up an argument about hair care products, prompting Fluttershy to take it off.
  • Discord takes an entire section of books from the library.

Don't Cry After Sunset

  • The Mood Whiplash towards the end of the arc, when the Power Ponies are discussing some of the villains who have formed attachments to them.
    Matter-Horn: She loves me. It's...unsettling, having somepony morally ambiguous...loving you.
    Saddle-Rager: I know what that's like.
    Filli-second: Me too. Still waiting for Sonata to call me.
    Radiance: The Mane-iac might not have loved me but she certainly cared about me to some degree.
    Mare-vellous: Next thing ya know, Rainbow will be gettin' it on with Trixie.

Longhorn’s Journey into the Night

  • Apple Bloom’s comment when Fluttershy talks to Delancey in the kitchen.
    Apple Bloom: If y'all are gonna do what I think you're gonna do, I'll tell Applejack ya did it all over her kitchen counter with her little sister in the next room!

The Pharaoh's Curse

  • Fluttershy’s determination to keep Delancey out of danger, especially from Discord, is a little funny when you know Delancey is Discord in disguise.
  • Discord becoming totally infatuated with Saddle-Rager after they get into a fight at the Power Ponies headquarters.
  • The Power Ponies (with Twilight and Applejack absent) get word that someone has broken Trixie out of jail and suspect he or she mind-controlled the guards into turning the security cameras off.
    Rarity: Hypnotism?
    Fluttershy: The Sirens?
    Pinkie Pie : (excitedly) Sonata?

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