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Tear Jerker / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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Nopony ever said that being a superhero would be easy, and the same applies to our heroines:

Spoilers to Follow.


The Mane-Raising Joke

  • While she was being very amoral about it, it is kind of sad to see Dee Tangler desperately trying save her company.
  • Even though Rarity did warn Mane-iac that their friendship would be over, but after she was hauled away to Belkham Asylum, Rarity still calls her friend to herself.

The Shadow King

  • It is a rather upsetting to read when Mistress Marvelous angrily shouts at Fili-Second and Zapp on not taking there hero duties seriously.
    • And afterwards, both Zapp and Fili-Second question why exactly did they decide to become superheroes, with none not being able to answer their own question.
  • A mix of this and Nightmare Fuel, Radiant Heart kept a bottle of Sombra's serum from Twilight, highly confidant in fixing Sombra's condition. It is also where the story ends, making it ambiguous what she plans on doing with it.

The Siren's Song

  • The Sirens did not have the best relationship with their father Posidon.
  • The Sirens are being taken back to Circe's place as a result of their failure to enslave Maretropolis.


Heart of Stone

Don't Cry After Sunset

  • Ultimately, Sunset and Twilight's friendship is a bit of a tragedy in itself.

Longhorn's Journey Into Night

  • Apple Bloom going all the way to Maretropolis from Appleoosa just to see her sister again.
  • It becomes pretty clear that Sunset Shimmer still hates how Twilight defeated her in their last battle, especially with her using her Matter-Horn picture as darts practice. Mixed with Nightmare Fuel by just how angry she sounds.
  • Delancy (AKA Discord), as much as he is shown to truly love Fluttershy, there is still the fact that he wants to get the Amulet of Chaos. He has not got the memo that Fluttershy doesn't need him to use it for her.

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