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Heartwarming / The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies

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    The Main-Raising Joke 

    The Shadow King 
  • Sombra and Radiant Heart being roommates.
  • Not to mention the fact that The Crystal Kingdom, in this univeres, presumably never had to go through the angst of being a thousand years of disconnected from the world.

    The Sirens' Song 
  • Sonata's date with Pinkie Pie. Even if Pinkie is brainwashed into adoring her, they genuinely enjoyed spending time with each other.
  • Discord appears in Fluttershy's dreams to comfort her from nightmares and distress. He tells her he wishes he could do more, but she tells him that it's all she needs.
  • When Fluttershy tells Applejack about her connection with Discord, she says it's "like having her own guardian angel."

    Heart of Stone 
  • The reason Fluttershy ended up with her powers is ultimately that Discord wanted to protect/avenge her from bullies.
  • Discord explains to Fluttershy that the reason he didn't drop the Fake Weakness after her found her- he was enjoying her company and didn't want to abruptly end their conversation.

    Don't Cry After Sunset 
  • Twilight making Applejack Spike's guardian in the event of her death.
  • Humdrum hugging Matter-Horn in Part 4.
    Humdrum: Thanks for not dying.


    The Pharaoh's Curse 
  • Fluttershy resolves to not tell Delancey about her identity or connection to Discord in order to protect him.
  • Amenhooftep finally being able to be at rest with Neighfertiti.
  • Delancey confessing to Fluttershy about having had feelings for someone else. She thanks him for his honesty, and suggests that they do something he enjoys for their next date. It ends with a pillow fight between the two.


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