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Nightmare Fuel / The Weedverse

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Main Series

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    The Weed 
  • The very idea of gaining a cutie mark that could prove detrimental to Equestrian society and the world at large. Snowy Summit was cast out of society for having a cutie mark depicting a nullwood tree, and only realized his destiny when he performed a Heroic Sacrifice to stop Grogar. Years later, Tarnished Teapot got a poison joke flower cutie mark and unknowingly gained the ability to exude passive Hate Plague magic that affects everyone around him.
  • Gorgonzola goes through Adult Fear when her adopted pegasus filly, Grey Owl, wanders off and gets captured by Giant Spiders to be their next meal. Tarnish and Maud have to brave a dark cave with spiders waiting to ambush them at every turn.
  • Maud and Tarnish visit the Ghastly Gorge to study the Wild Magic there, when they realize they're at ground zero for an erupting volcano. The rest of the chapter has them running for their lives.

  • The aftermath of the unicorn's fighting is nightmarish, but a particular standout is the poor pony who was killed by being encased in molten glass.

    Enter the Dragon 

     Princess Twilight Sparkle's School For Fantastic Foals 
  • What's been done to Adventus, particularly in the context of what we know about the Ascendancy's 'ascension' technique. His soul has been twisted and spliced, without his consent, leaving him in constant agony and he can't even remember his own name.

     The Mask Makes The Pony 
  • The Grandmother-Monster. It looks like a nice old lady, but is actually a horrific spider-creature that kidnaps foals and eats them.

  • The entire depiction of life inside the House of Dark, with just how abusively manipulative the adults of the House are.
  • The fates inflicted upon the six ponies (including Darling) Grogar sends to bring Dim in.

     Eigengrau Zwei 
  • The fate of Schwarze Wasserüberquerung, the entire population melted into a meat soup for defying Grogar.
  • Blackbird's experience after being subdued with pepper dust. Blinded and with many cuts and abrasions, she forces her way free of being Bound and Gagged, causing more abrasions that then get filled with pepper and salt from her tears and sweat. She ends up curled up in a Troubled Fetal Position in a pool of her own vomit, silently begging for it to end.
  • What Dim does to Snowbird in retaliation for the above. We don't get direct descriptions, but Dim explains that he reckoned Snowbird should experience all the torments he threatened on Blackbirdnote . While Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. Oh, and there's a reason the tropes Rasputinian Death and Cruel and Unusual Death don't apply here, at least to begin with.
  • Eye of Newt is taken to its logical conclusion, and Dim comes upon a freezer containing a part-butchered dragon and unicorn, as well as a variety of miscellanea, including minotaur horns. Note that all of these are sapient creatures in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • The fate Dim inflicts on Captain Hoarfrost. It's technically the bends, but to a massively extreme degree that it causes his horn to explode, amongst much agonising description.
  • Chapter 77, where a peaceful cult compound is attacked by a false-alicorn, which slaughters hundreds and badly wounds most of the party, including killing Bard. The sheer amount of damage, all lovingly described, required to bring it down is just the icing on the cake.

    Foalsitting Follies 
  • Radiance brings his own kind of Adult Fear. He constantly torments Nuance for picking on Corbie, their pegasus sister, by beating up Nuance and once kept submerged in a full bathtub, making his unicorn brother nearly drown. He also flings emotional abuse at Nuance, calling him a weakling and a Spoiled Brat who never gets punished "enough". What's terrifying about this is the deconstruction of Radiance's Big Brother Instinct towards Corbie - his violent protectiveness came from developing a soldier's mindset via watching the Royal Guards train. Combined with lack of proper parental supervision and his natural Earth pony strength, Radiant became just another bully who's too focused on punishing Nuance no matter what, not even caring that his methods also makes Corbie cry, or that Nuance also suffers from his own issues in addition to Radiance's bullying... and he showed not an inch of remorse for what he did. Twilight and the other adults are understandably horrified about this, and Pebble, who earlier jaunted out of Twilight's castle just to get away from Nuance, ends up sympathizing with him and later calls Radiance "heartless" out of disgust after she sees everything from his perspective.

     House Of The Rising Sunflower 
  • There's apparently a subspecies of Parasprites that's taken to living inside a hydra's neck and feeding off the regenerating flesh. The hydra, for its part, is often completely insane from agony.



  • What they find in the supervisor's shack of the sweatshop fire, the den of a serial paedophile.

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