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Nightmare Fuel / Water Under the Bridge

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For the parts of Water Under the Bridge you don't want to read with the lights off.

Warning, all spoilers will be unmarked!

  • Everything involving Finn. Despite being friendly, chipper, and personable, Finn's hobby offsets it to such a degree that every scene featuring him becomes tense and morbid. Mostly because the people he's friendliest to are those he's playing with.
    • Special mention to what he did to Richie. Richie is described as having more bandage than skin at one point. Also he lost his eye and hand, most likely chewed off by Finn. The rest is left up to your imagination.
  • If the villain's plan had succeeded, Zootopia would have absolutely collapsed. And to think it's because someone dumped poison into the water AND the food... Top-grade Paranoia Fuel right there.


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