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     Princess Twilight Sparkles School For Fantastic Foals 
  • Igneous Pie plotting how he might get a son, including bribing Trixie for Sumac, and if that fails, abusing the old laws about Arranged Marriage.
  • Gosling claiming that he can't die because he's far too prettynote .
  • Apparently Seville now needs serious motivation to get on a train with Gosling, and his complaints about how Princess Luna told him this time would be different, and how much of a fool he was for believing her.
  • During the wedding, Sumac is horribly confused as to why most pegasi in the room have suddenly had their wings spring out straight. He utterly fails to connect this to Prince Gosling's entrance.
  • Stinkbug's potion wearing off in the middle of the wedding reception, and everyone's reaction is hilarious:
    • Celaeno can't see what the problem is.
    • Lemon Hearts sits safely inside a bubble spell and cheerfully talks about how she can't smell anything.
    • Twinkleshine (cheered on by Lemon Hearts) attempts to magic the spell away and instead attaches it to herself.
    • Trixie threatens to have a "Great and Powerful spew".
    • Luna slips into Gratuitous German before transmuting the noses of everyone in the palace to solve the problem.

  • Alfredo's response to making an Accidental Innuendo:
    Alfredo: I shall now take this opportunity to feed myself to the spiders in the basement so I do not have to deal with the embarrassment of my social faux pas.

     The Sun Always Surprises 
  • Cadance's extreme casualness while discussing her sex life is always hilarious, but a particular standout is when she claims she once fantasied about sleeping with Celestia and being graded on her performance.
  • Gosling made an oddly specific request, that the mare Cadance sets him up with is able to burp out the entire alphabet, and Cadance reckons he'll just have to be disappointed on that one. To everyone's shock, Celestia can not only do this, but the dragon alphabet as well.

     Stinkbug The Unwanted 
  • Stinkbug and Celaeno's first day of travel together has Stinkbug's stink drive off: Buffalo, Crackle Jackals, deer, antelope, flocks of birds, and a large land drake. Stinkbug's response is to feel sad that he didn't get to see the Crackle Jackals bark lightning.

     The Perilous Romance of Swans 
  • Princess Celestia's first meeting with Sleet. All of it, from Sleet's utter refusal to be intimidated by Princess Celestia, and responding to the good news by telling Gosling to stand up straight then headbutting him hard enough to send him reeling.
  • Fancy Pants' first priority when organising his army of nobles is sorting out skill-sets so people can be best deployed. His second is arranging sufficient tea and coffee for them all.

     When Consequences Come Home 
  • Wormwood's response to Megara's Cuteness Proximity, and Twilight Velvet's response to that:
    Wormwood: Oh, Sweet Celestia, I can’t stand it! I want to hug her so bad! It’s unnatural! What foul thaumaturgy is this?
    Twilight Velvet: So says the father of a mouse eating hairball.

     A Basket, A Blanket and A Bundle of Bills 
  • Princess Celestia's entire presence in the story, being thoroughly sick of being treated like a monarch, and acting almost as little like one as possible, to the stunned silence of everyone in the room.

     The Mask Makes The Pony 
  • Dr. Sterling tries to threaten Flicker by saying he'll send him to the middens if he messes up. Flicker, on the other hand, requests to be sent to the middens as a reward, leading Dr. Sterling to threaten to withold him from the middens if he messes up. It works.
  • The t-shirts that Piper acquires for Flicker's fencing exam. Even Dr Sterling gets one!
  • In an attempt to keep Flicker from taking a Devil's Job Offer, Chronos shows him exactly what a near eternity would mean. Flicker basically shrugs it off, leaving the powerful, dignified and ancient being utterly flabbergasted.
    Chronos: That wasn’t so bad? Are you daft? I just showed you bloody forever and it makes most ponies who see it go insane! Even ponies who are currently missing a body react poorly to it, it’s bloody forever, you barmy twit! A thrice damned eternity!

  • When Blueblood hears that Tarnish shot Caballeron in the 'plot', he presents him with a ridiculously large promissory note. Because Caballeron insulted him once. Apparently he was so pleased at this turn of events that Princess Luna thought he'd come down with something because he was in such a good mood.

     The Perilous Gestation Of Swans 
  • Celestia talking in her sleep gives us a couple of real gems:
    Celestia: No, Twilight, world domination is not permissible as a school project, stop that… don’t make me tell you a second time.
    Celestia: I am Sleipnir of the Sassgardians, and I challenge you to a battle of wits.
  • Celestia gets rather hungry and sneaks off in the middle of the night. When Gosling catches up he startles her, so they end up having an entire conversation with a fridge stuck on her horn.
  • An anecdote about Twilight Sparkles's parents from when they were students. Apparently, Night Light attempted to impress Twilight Velvet by walking around on his front hoovesnote . In one incident, Dandy Lion used a Grease spell. Celestia knows about this because Night Light went skidding past, eyes pleading for help, still on his front hooves knowing he can't afford to mess it up.

     Princess Twilight Sparkle's School For Fantastic Foals: Winter Break 
  • Sumac continuing to not get any Double Entendres, even when making one, and talking about how much he enjoys eating Pebble's pies (meaning food she's made) in a roomful of adults where that particular topic usually means something else. Everyone else's reactions are just icing, including five characters pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!note  and the restnote  Laughing Themselves Sick.
  • Sumac accidentally discovers a fact about cats and laser pointersnote , then proceeds to wreck the room by proxy while most of the adults take cover behind the sofa, a ruckus that ends when he accidentally unleashes a laser-guided manticore-spawn on Tarnish. Oh, and Maud almost laughs!
  • Sumac has a Catapult Nightmare, and Lemon Hearts comes crashing through the door, only to get shoved aside by Trixie, who is shoved aside by Twinkleshine. Then Pinny Lane shows up.
  • Limestone's anecdote. Marble crying because of a pretty butterfly so frustrates Cloudy that she leaves to pound dough. Igneous comes down to comfort her, but gets vomited on, setting off Pinkie Pie, Maud has none of it while Limestone herself literally Laughed Herself Sick.
  • Pebble kissing Sumac and him accidentally coating her in icing, particularly as neither gets the Visual Innuendo. Megara jumps in to help lick it off. Plus the adults' reaction, including a serious of swift departures as the two innocently make ever-more innuendos in response to the chaos.

    Foalsitting Follies 
  • Starlight's hilariously Blatant Lies filled note about why she can't help foalsit for Nuance. It starts off well, but:
    Starlight: Sorry, had to help with the preparations for the Crystal Cotillion in the Crystal Empire. If you don’t believe that, I ran out of coffee! My wagon wheel broke! I didn’t have the bits for train fare! I lost my gown at the cleaners! I locked my keys in my saddlebags! Sunburst came in from out of town! Somepony stole my wagon! Sumac and Vinyl caused another earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO CELESTIA!

     Eigengrau Zwei: Die Welt Ist Grau Geworden 
  • Dim's comment about Blackbird's perfect ass distracts both Blackbird, who turns to check, and the pushy minotaur trying to threaten her.
  • Dim and Pale's entire exchange, due to Dim being both himself and rather busy at the time, leading to more than a little Flipping Off Cthulhu out of irritation.
  • Pale apparently doesn't like the "shouting" that is the Celestials' standard speech modenote , as it wears him out. The exchange drops a few other gems, including Chronos telling Dim
    Chronos: You're dead, get over it!
    And Pale asking if they really want to give Dim power over volcanoes.
  • Eerie attempting to show affection to Dim, due to being somewhat elated, with Dim not wanting to get snuggled. As they're both weedy Squishy Wizards the resulting struggle is...less than impressive.
  • Blackbird's interactions with the Essence of Night, as by that point, after three Leave Your Quest Tests in quick succession, Blackbird is rather short on patience for the filly. A particular highlight is Blackbird working out if the wall is tangible by throwing the Essence at it.
  • While convalescing, Dim has a habit of suddenly bursting into flames. Munro makes toast.

    The Commander's Compromise 
  • Dim Dark is light sensitive, so when he meets Chartreuse, who is the luminous shade of her name, he slips into Gratuitous German before suggesting she be imprisoned in a lighthouse and departing. Sunburst reckons he likes her.

    Crystal Camaraderie 

    Princess Cadance's Lonely Hearts Club Land 

     Crystal Cotillion 
  • Despite generally being supportive of Flurry's push onto a different path to the one Cadance would prefer, Shining Armor won't protect her if she does run off to join the Underwatch. He has needs too.
  • Flurry dancing so hard she breaks through the floor. Right into an alchemy lab filled with volatile experiments.
  • When teasing Sumac about the possibility of an Arranged Marriage to Flurry, Pebble comments
    Pebble: Oh, come on, can’t we keep her? She’s cute. We need a maid.
  • Once again, Circling Alicorns prove a good source of amusement, from Cadance's "encouragement" to Skyla's confusion, and topped off by Sumac seeing a tiny version of himself. Unfortunately, little Sumac doesn't have a chance to say anything before Sumac's head clears.

    Spring Broke 
  • Apparently, at some point, Mrs Velvet snuck some flavoured condoms into Copperquick's schoolbag, to the mortification of both him and Buttermilk.

    A Knight To Remember 
  • Apparently, Flurry and Gosling once snuck a huge amount of bubblegum ice-cream, and when Cadance interrogated Flurry about it, she got vomited on for her troubles.

    House Of The Rising Sunflower 
  • Celestia's inspirational waiting room, containing artifacts intended to show that even the great are not invulnerable and had to start somewhere, resulting in Celestia and Luna being subjected to Mustache Vandalism and Twilight Sparkle'snote  first letter to Celestia being on display, along with the physical representation of a particularly notable piece of Rouge Angles of Satin in it, a statue of Celestia, swapped to a cervine form.note 

    Nom's Mom Bomb 
  • Chalcedony complaining about and seeking advice on how to get a bigger butt, while being apparently unaware of the innuendo she's spouting.

    Amplitude Adjustment 
  • Celestia, instead of her usual regalia, is wearing a choker made from dyed macaroni and a folded paper hat covered in glitter. Her children made them.

  • Sumac is startled by Celestia's entrance and belches. Celestia is rather unfazed by the unusual greeting.
    Princess Celestia: Well, that is certainly one way to greet a princess, your technique and form need work though, I find your effort a bit lacking. That would not be a passing grade, Sumac Apple.

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