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Heartwarming / The Weedverse

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     The Weed 
  • Maud and Tarnish's wedding. What else needs to be said?

     Whatever Way the Wind Takes You 
  • Even in face of opposition from Princess Cadance, Gloomy won't let the egg that will become Silver Lining die.
  • Mrs. Milkweed's death is both this and a Tear Jerker. She expresses her honour to have known Hachikō, and quietly passes away, surrounded by friends.

     Princess Twilight Sparkle's School For Fantastic Foals 
  • After Trixie comes to the Pie's farm after the attack on Ponyville, Igneous takes back every mean thing he's ever said about her, because the measure of a parent is in their foals, and he would be proud to call Sumac his own.
  • Twilight's response to learning that Trixie is her half-sister and that all their parents have been lying to them their entire lives? To Glomp her while shouting happily about having a new sister.
  • Finally seeing Wormwood and Gloomy get married, after waiting so long.

     The Sun Always Surprises 
  • Gosling's first response to learning who Celestia is is to reassure her that he has no intention of breaking the promises he made while he still didn't know, and his second is to make sure his mother will be kept safe from the backlash of him dating a Princess.
  • When Celestia drops into a serious mess because she won't let herself have what she wants, Cadance breaks into her room and informs Celestia that she won't let her destroy herself. And Celestia listens. Also counts as Awesome.

     The Perilous Romance of Swans 
  • Sleet doesn't even hesitate to accept Princess Celestia into her family. There's no nervousness, nothing, and when Celestia begins crying, she just holds her.
  • How Gosling befriends Seville: he interrupts a journalist attacking his subordinate (Seville), and politely inquires as to the problem. When the journalist decides to insult Gosling, then Gosling summons the guard and has him arrested for assault, and when the journalist claims You Have No Idea Who You're Dealing With, Gosling turns it back on him and permanently bars him from the castle. Also counts as Awesome.
  • Celestia offering to make Twilight Velvet an honorary grandmother to her foals.
  • After a reporter brings up the Nightmare Moon incident, Twilight Sparkle (usually no fan of the press anyway) is so infuriated that, once Celestia and Luna are out, she barricades the door, blocks all teleports in and out and subjects the assembled press to a lecture on decency, gentleness and good graces.
  • Even after Gosling gets angry at Luna, yelling at her and taking some very cheap shots, she offers what kindness she can to him after he makes himself seriously ill over the stress of what he did.
  • Princess Luna uses her Dream Weaver powers to give the foals in the infirmary a chance to play freely, in a way they can't in the real world.
  • When the royal family really need it, the nobility of Canterlot prove themselves far more than Upper Class Twits, turning out in force to provide the army of administrators and leaders that are needed to get through the crisis.

  • When She gets her name, Written Word.
  • Mustard and Coffee Cake getting their freedom, after so long.

     When Consequences Come Home 
  • Megara spends the entire time worrying she'll be accepted by Tarnish, and she arrives and finds he's been just as worried she'll accept him. And Maud accepts her without question. They'll be just fine.

  • After Tarnish has a bit of a crisis and spills to Vinyl, finishing with asking why she and Octavia put up with him, she has only one thing to say:
    Vinyl Scratch: Because, we love you. For better or for worse, we love you.

  • When Alto and Honeysuckle make music together.

     The Perilous Gestation Of Swans 
  • Even in the parallel, and without official support, Trixie will take care of Sumac, and gathers Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts as well.
  • The entire scene with the sweater. Celestia's reponse is entirely warranted. Even if she does blame it on hormones.
  • Rauchtänzer. He buys a ticket to Gosling's dances not for the dance, outright refusing to do so (as it would be detrimental to his actual goals) and despite his namenote  implying dancing is something rather core to his identity, but so that he can ask Gosling for a job, because he wants to help immigrants who weren't as lucky as he was.

     Princess Twilight Sparkle's School For Fantastic Foals: Winter Break 
  • Cloudy's interactions immediately after her arrival. Tarnish and Maud were concerned about how she'd react to Megara, given her origin. They didn't need to worry. Then there's the terms of the truce that Octavia enforces with her; in exchange for holding her peace, she will also get Alto Clef as a grandson, which is all she wanted.
  • We discover (via dream Flashback and Dream Walker) that Trixie went without painkilling medicine so that she could buy Sumac an apple. It's immediately followed up by another, when the Catapult Nightmare results in summoning not just Trixie, but Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Pinny Lane.

    Princess Cadance's Lonely Hearts Club Land 
  • While the whole story is rather Heartwarming, the scenes in the hospital are particularly so, especially once the Big Damn Kiss rocks around.

     Crystal Cotillion 
  • Even with their differences, when Skyla breaks down over the stress of her alicorn instincts, Flurry comforts her without complaint, and it's implied this is a regular occurrence.
  • When Flurry asks Shining what he would do if she abandoned rulership to be a dark protector like Luna.
    Shining Armor: I would get you a lamp, so that you might do your job well…

    The Great Equestrian Gamble 
The end, when Boxcars accepts Cactus' offer off apprenticeship.
For Boxcars, it seemed that the great Equestrian gamble had just paid off.

    Together, They Fight Crime 
  • Warden Owleye's response to being asked how she feels about Yam and Azure's Maligned Mixed Marriage is to describe her parent's twenty-year-long Interspecies Romance and explain that should anyone disparage such a relationship in front of her, she would ignore regulations long enough to figure out how to defecate down their neck stump.

    House of the Rising Sunflower 
  • Sundance asked for his audience with Celestia not to try and take advantage of their relationship to ask favours, but simply to say "Hello" to his very great grandmother. It's part of why he ends up gifted the fiefdom.
  • Celestia has kept a letter written by a very young Twilight Sparkle, amusing mispellings and all, commemorated by a very artistic statue of "Deer Celestia".

    Nom's Mom Bomb 
  • The truth about the Major's feelings on Nomination, she's very proud of what her son has achieved, and was only as much of a Fantasy-Forbidding Mother as she was due to not wanting his hopes raised, as what he wanted was very unlikely, and her own adherence to regulations.

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