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Nightmare Fuel / Leviathan (My Hero Academia)

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  • The basic premise: Izuku has a Quirk! One that manifested during a Hostage Situation, leading to him losing control of the Leviathan and causing thirty-two deaths. Heck of a burden for a four-year-old to bear.
  • From Inko's perspective, one day her son simply doesn't come home from school and no one hears from him for days. When he finally does return, he's got a nasty new scar on his face.
  • All Might pits the kids against each other in a three-against-one 'Capture the Villain' test. Izuku finds himself up against Shouji, Kirishima and Bakugou. Naturally, Bakugou takes it too far, culminating in him attempting to drown Izuku.
    • Making matters worse? All Might had stepped away from the console due to a coughing fit and stepped out, leaving the exercise to play out without any adult supervision — and leaving the rest of the class to watch in horror as Bakugou holds Midoriya's head underwater.
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    • And when Izuku goes limp? How does Katsuki react? Prior to revisions, he flashes a victorious grin to the camera as he mouths I win.
  • The Leviathan itself is described as a nightmarish creature that wouldn't be unsuitable as an Lovecraftian god. Multiple razor clawed limbs, a multitude of glowing eyes, and a maw of teeth as long as a persons arm all in one colossal sea serpent that swims through the air. Even just the sounds it makes, from roars to growls, are enough to freeze people in terror. The only person shown to be able to actually contain the thing so far is All Might, easily putting the Leviathan in the absolute top tier of powerhouses.
    • Worse as Izuku's gotten older the Leviathan has gotten larger and more powerful. He's still just a teenager and the thing is a building sized behemoth that only All Might can put down. How much more powerful will it be when he's an adult?
      • To hammer home the point, it's implied that All Might was only able to contain the Leviathan because Izuku's consciousness was fighting for control from within so when All Might's blows disoriented Leviathan, it gave Izuku the chance to re-take control and force the Leviathan back into his mental cage, without that it's highly likely that All Might would have died during the USJ fight.
  • The Leviathan makes another appearance at the USJ and nearly eats several of Izuku's classmates, the boy only barely keeping it from doing so.
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  • After the All Might defeats the Leviathan at the USJ, he finds Izuku near death, not knowing it was his own student he'd attacked.

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