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Nightmare Fuel / Aftermath of the Games

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Aftermath of the Games

  • Sci-Twi's nightmare after Sunset saves her from her demonic self: Midnight Sparkle appears, taunts Sci-Twi for not wanting her power and not taking revenge on those who caused her pain. Then she starts torturing Principal Cinch, Fleur, and Berry Punch (the drunk driver that killed her parents).


  • During Sci-Twi's freak out when she develops telekinesis, she hallucinates Midnight Sparkle taunting her through the mirror.
  • It turns out that the Changelings have been studying magic by experimenting on the Sirens. And what's worse, according to Human Starlight, they've broken Sonata and Aria completely, while Adagio has become a deranged mess resisting them.
    • And what makes this worse? Due to the loss of their necklaces, the Sirens can't give the Changelings what they want so all their hardship is for nothing.
  • Sci-Twi's near kidnapping by the Changelings in Humans IV.
    • While while washing her face to recover from her near kidnapping, Midnight appears again in the mirror, taunting Twilight about not being able to defend herself despite having magic. She even starts preying upon her fear of losing Spike. It's implied that had Shining not burst in on Twilight, Midnight could have convinced Twilight to accept her.
    Midnight Sparkle: “All it takes is a little bit of (magic), and you could have stopped Spike from getting hurt. Sunset, Shining Armor, Cadance, the others... they won’t be around forever. Sooner or later, you’ll need me. It’s just a matter of time. Why fight it?”
  • While the parents of the Rainbooms are having a meeting together it is revealed that all three of Sci-Twi's would-be-kidnappers are dead. One hung himself, another was "accidentally" given the wrong medicine, and another died in an escape attempt. Everybody realizes that it’s all too convenient to just be a coincidence. How deep is the Changeling mob that it could go to such extremes to keep its secrets and sacrifice three of its own men?
  • The ending of "Humans V". Darth Link 22 even had to reassure the readers in the author's note for the chapter that the scene was the darkest that the fic was ever going to get.
    • To wit: Adagio's continuing defiance leads Human Starlight to strap her to a bed, blindfold and gag her, and put a set of noise-canceling headphones on her ears. Starlight also hints that there are much worse things in store if she doesn't go along with the experiments and leaves her for the night with no food - but not before seeing that Adagio has started to cry.
  • In "Humans III", Sunset reveals how horrifying she was as an Alpha Bitch. Among other things, she viciously humiliated Rarity. And after Flash cried when she revealed she was using him, her reaction was cold indifference.
  • In "Humans VII", we learn how the Changelings snatched up the Sirens; after their defeat, they checked into a hotel to figure out how they were going to survive without magic. A police officer came up to them and asked what three young girls were doing out alone. They managed to convince him that they were eighteen because they still had their Fake IDs, so he recommended a room to them. It turns out that he was a Changeling spy and before the Sirens realized what was happening, room service attacked and chloroformed them.

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