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Nightmare Fuel / Persona EG

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  • Zodiac is full of this. It's a place where you see all the most nasty comments people say about you behind your back and shoves it all in your face at once. The messages could be from just random people, but you might see one or two from somebody you know. It isn't just limited to you either, you see nasty text messages of your friends and others you care about too. This place reveals the dark side of people and really enforces that Teens Are Monsters, or since teachers use it too it would be closer to Humans Are Bastards. To top it all off, victims are pulled in on their birthdays and are given a taunting birthday horoscope telling them they will die.
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  • Cadance says that when she first entered Zodiac she saw texts about two guys talking about how they wanted to rape her in graphic and elaborate details. She was so scared she faked being sick for three days to get away from CHS.
  • On 10/22, while Flash and Twilight are hanging out in Flash's room, Flash notices the light on his laptop's webcam is on. He motions Twilight to be quiet and he covers the cam with tape and after informing Celestia about it, the light is off. They all decide to tape over their webcams just to be safe, but Flash and Twilight are still terrified of why this is happening to them.
  • When Flash is pulled into Zodiac on Twilight's birthday he sees something that makes him freeze at first. The text messages were being directed right at him.
    Texts: Say goodbye to that little purple whore of yours! I don't know how you and that bitch nurse have survived this long, but your girlfriend WILL die tonight!
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  • After the battle with Eris on Rainbow's birthday, Flash vows to kill her the next time they meet for almost getting Twilight killed.
  • Pinkie and Rainbow die during the battle with Capricorn. Flash actually had given up for a moment until he found out that it is possible to reverse death in Zodiac. If it wasn't for his Enemy Mine with Eris, he would have lost two of his friends.
  • ZIT decides to gather evidence of Zodiac and come clean with their secret when it puts stress on Shining Armor's relationship with Twilight and Cadance. But on 1/5, Flash gets an e-mail from Mephistopheles, threatening that if they try to expose Zodiac a video of Flash and Cadance having sex will be sent to Celestia, Luna, and Twilight. Not only is it scary to think how Mephistopheles recorded that video in the first place, the potential damage it could do to both Flash and Cadance if it got out is terrifying.
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  • The team fails to stop Aquarius from killing its victim, Snips, because they thought it would be Cadance again.
  • On 2/8, Flash accidentally says too much when talking to Luna about the hacker and is forced to say that they suspect the hacker is someone in the dorm, but doesn't tell her the prime suspect is Fluttershy. Not long later when Flash is alone the power goes out, and Flash is confronted by Eris, disguising her voice and with a knife to his throat, warning him to shut up or everyone in the dorm will burn.
  • On 2/9, Flash skips Music Club and goes straight back to the dorm after a terrible day at school, due to a rumor that he was cheating on Twilight with Sunset due to Sunset kissing him. After going to bed Flash wakes up in the middle of the night to find a girl on top of him fucking him. After its done the girl just whispers that "he was wonderful" before leaving, and Flash can only make out that her hair is the same color as Sunset's. He tries to chase her but she gets away. The experience is so shocking that Flash runs to the bathroom to throw up and takes the next day off, but refuses to press rape charges because he thinks it would turn him into a laughing stock.
  • ZIT finally discovers that Fluttershy is Eris and she reacts by attacking them while saying she's been trying to help them. After Flash finally kills her and they revive her to ask some questions she still fights back, even without needing her phone. She almost kills them all before Flash is able to suck all of them into the Velvet Room. Fluttershy explains a few things, such as how Sunset Shimmer has a Persona too, and it is the Ultimate Evil that cannot be beaten.
  • On Fluttershy's birthday, Sunset summons Aries to attack Fluttershy and the others and gleefully taunts them, stating that she can't wait to see how Celestia looks when everyone vanishes without a trace. A silhouette of Sunset appears just before Aries arrives, causing the shadows to bow to her, then she hacks Fluttershy's soul and destroys her Eris Persona. The only thing that saved ZIT was Fluttershy unlocking her real Persona Echo and joining the fight.
    • Fluttershy's origins are a bit dark too, especially since they can be related to real life situations, minus the parts with Zodiac that is. It shows how an innocent girl was pushed too far and resorted to cyber-bullying to get revenge on her tormentors and make their lives a living hell. She realized she was no better than her old bullies when Sunset used her own secrets against her and made her a pawn. It's a story of a girl who got in over her head because she was pushed too far.
  • After Cadance gains her evolved Persona, ZIT discovered that there is another form of texts in Zodiac. Green text that is somehow about sex, or about frustration, anger, or jealousy that relates to sex. It is also believed that Zodiac has been subtly influencing the minds of ZIT without them realizing it, making them more lustful than just regular puberty or dirty thought, explaining why Flash, Twilight, Pinkie, and Cadance have been such Lovable Sex Maniacs.
  • Sunset's mentality starts to crack by the Spring Fling, where she shows up in a very inappropriate dress for no other reason than to taunt ZIT, and then all but confirms that Apple Bloom will be the target the next day before being ejected from the dance.
    • After Flash, Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow kill the first half of Gemini and save Silver Spoon, they are ambushed by Sunset Shimmer, still wearing the dress she wore to the Spring Fling. Sunset has apparently entered a full Villainous Breakdown and decides to deal with ZIT herself. During the fight she shows a very unbalanced side, showing joy at the idea of being able to kill Twilight over and over, and taunting Flash that she'll keep him alive locked in her basement to make him into a Sex Slave. She shows the extent of her powers by summoning an army of dark versions of every single persona Flash has ever used, her eyes turning from teal to a glowing yellow. Flash and his friends are nearly overwhelmed by Sunset until Flash uses the one Persona he had kept secret until then. Even when it seems like Sunset's been beaten she just laughs and is about to use her Persona, before Flash and the others exit Zodiac when Fluttershy tells them to. Despite winning the battle, Flash and Twilight are unsure of the future and don't know if they'll even survive the experience.
  • Flash and Twilight return to the dorm late one night after being out all day on a date, only to discover that while they were gone Sunset Shimmer has moved into the dorm. It's not just that she's there, but how calm she is about it. It's almost disturbing to see Sunset talking to everyone so casually like nothing has ever happened between them when the last time she was seen she was in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown trying to kill them. Nobody knows what she's up to but they are all wary from that point on.
  • The Shadow Trials reveal the dark sides of each Social Link Flash has established. Similar to Persona 4 shadows they reveal the part that they hide from the rest of the world, being a guilt or sin, and multiply it into a hideous monster. Crosses over with Tear Jerker.
  • The battle with Cancer on Shining Armor's birthday. Not only is Cancer insanely strong and pushes ZIT to their limits despite all their training, it reveals that the Zodiac shadows can talk and think for themselves and reveal they were just using Sunset. Before Cancer dies it reveals that Leo will revive all the dead hunters that ZIT has killed, and that the only way to stop Zodiac for good is to kill Sunset.
    • During the battle Sunset actually tries to help by using her Persona, but discovers she is locked out.
  • After the battle against Celestia's Shadow, during the shadow's usual ending speech she stops in surprise and the team sees Sunset Shimmer in the Velvet Room. She says the Shadow Trials are clever of ZIT, but futile before disappearing. Even Zecora is freaked out by this and can hardly finish her sentence before the group leaves. Sonata later points out that Sunset had the same golden eyes that the other shadows all have, meaning it might not have been the real Sunset, but even then that doesn't make it any less frightening.
  • After Flash defeats his own shadow after having confessed to Twilight that he cheated on her with Trixie, Igor shows up and sadistically tells Flash no visiter to the Velvet Room has ever been able to damage the Judgement bond before. It is revealed that Flash has reversed all his maxed out ZIT related social links, and BROKE the Judgement link! Considering Igor is the closest the Persona series has to a Big Good, this is pretty dark for him.

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