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  • Almost all of the interactions between Flash and Twilight.
  • After Rainbow Dash is assaulted by two jerks after she is made captain of the soccer team, nearly everyone who hears about it is shocked and horrified. And two of her teammates bring her a giant get well card, made by the whole team.
  • After Flash sleeps with Cadance after she gets drunk and forces herself on him to get back at Shining, Twilight does not hold it against him because of Cadance's history and simply lets him off with a small warning.
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  • After Pinkie's birthday party comes to an end, Flash and Twilight spend time with her in her room and she has a breakdown of how she doesn't deserve friends like them because she's been jealous of the two of them and has wanted to steal Flash from Twilight. The two of them reassure her that she does deserve them for all she has done to make everyone happy.
  • When Flash says his parents aren't coming down for Thanksgiving, or Christmas for that matter, Twilight insists on him coming with her to her home for Thanksgiving. She won't take no for an answer.
  • Twilight's parents interacting with Flash and already accepting him as part of the family. Especially Twilight Velvet.
  • When Pinkie's family disowns her, Flash immediately gets help from Twilight Velvet and Cadence to keep her from having to leave school.
    • Doubles as a awesome moment; Celestia's meeting with Pinkie's parents ends with her hitting Pinkie's mother and telling both her parents that they don't have to worry, Pinkie has much better human beings than them to take care of her.
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  • Most of Christmas Break is this. One of the biggest however is on Christmas Eve, Twilight's Social Link is maxed and she gives Flash one of her greatest treasures, her first library card from when she was 5 years old. She confesses her love to him and the two make love for the first time.
  • Apple Bloom forgiving Silver Spoon for her bullying, and the latter starting to slowly become a better person.
  • Valentine's Day can be considered this. After February being full of terrible things like Vinyl finally going blind, ZIT suspecting Fluttershy to be Eris, Snips dying, and Flash being raped by Sunset Shimmer having a day to relax and Flash and Twilight to express their love for each other is very welcome.
  • Most of the birthdays are heartwarming in their own way but Sonata's is very special. After spending time with her friends at the dorm they go to the Deep Dish Pizza restaurant where Flash reveals his own surprise to her. He gave Trixie the songs Sonata and her sisters made and her band is singing them to everyone in their honor. Sonata is so moved she asks them to make their songs part of their repertoire permanently to keep their memory alive. Trixie agrees.
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  • After Chrysalis finally loses her position as CEO of Crystal Enterprises Flash remembers a conversation they once had and helps her become the new tennis coach at Canterlot High after their old one quit.
  • When Sunset tries to start a rumor she is pregnant with Flash's child after he forced himself on her his friends are by his side the whole time, including the ones not in the dorm. Even after the rumor is proven false, all his friends sit with him at lunch to find out what's going on and support him.
  • Fluttershy's Heel–Face Turn on her birthday and the slow progress she makes after it.
  • Flash beginning to repair his relationship with his parents after he finally tells them how he feels when they make a surprise visit to take him home early.
  • Towards the end of her Social Link, Sonata gains some of her voice back. Even if it isn't much it is still better than nothing, especially since she originally thought she would never speak again.
  • On Father's Day someone posts an image of Rarity in an old dress with an insulting comment. The response comments from others, instead of agreeing and insulting Rarity, defend her and call out the one who did insult her, especially because she's out with her dad on Father's Day. It's good to be reminded every now and then that not every user on Canterbook is a complete jerk who uses cyber-bullying.
  • A meta-heartwarming example is Kotone Shinomi's cameo in the LTE version. Since this continuity implies that the events of the Persona games also happened, it makes it clear that Elizabeth succeeded in her goal of rescuing Kotone from her fate at the end of Persona 3.
  • Although Flash having sex with Trixie to get back at Twilight was a very petty and stupid thing for him to do, the LTE version shows that Trixie doesn't hold it against him or their friendship and even encourages him to make up with Twilight before he hurts someone for real.
  • Flash's parents decide to move to Canterlot to be closer to their son. The two of them have come a long way to being closer to Flash in just a few months.
    • Flash's mom also gives him some advice when he tells her the problems he is having with Twilight at the moment, and what he did with Trixie the day before.
  • Turns out Cadance kicked out Flash after the fallout of his cheating on Twilight to give them both space to cool off and try to patch things up. She also was the First Reversed Link to be recovered.
  • Pinkie and Sonata forgive Flash for what he did after he talks to them and are the second and third Reversed Links to recover respectively. They both think that even though he made a mistake he has done more to help everyone than hurt them, especially for the two of them, and both want for him and Twilight to get back together.
  • Due to him recently having a similar experience with Cadance, Shining Armor holds no grudge to Flash for cheating on Twilight. Albheit he does threaten to kill him and dump him a river if he ever does it again

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