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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to moments pages. Read at your own risk.

  • When Flash first visits the Velvet Room and draws the Fool card, Igor tells him the card represents him. Igor apparently can tell Flash feels offended and quickly further explains the card's real meaning.
  • The Running Gag in early chapters where Spike keeps peeing on Flash's shoe.
    • After a long absence, this gag makes a return on 6/15. This time, Flash gets payback by pretending to pee on Spike, much to Twilight's shock and anger.
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  • On Flash's birthday, Pinkie makes a cake that has the exact same colors as Twilight. In Rainbow Dash's own words, "Flash wants to eat Twilight."
  • Twilight's eating habits are on display through the whole story, and are taken Up to Eleven.
  • Trixie's introduction has her being her usual bragging self. After Flash joins Music Club, she tries to tell him off for upstaging her and he just walks past her not wanting to put up with it after his long day.
    Trixie: Wait! Come back! Trixie isn't finished with you! ...come back? Please?
    Flash: (narration) Holy crap she sounds pathetic.
  • Flash, after finding Rainbow Dash half-naked in his room playing his old acoustic, drags her out and lays a few ground rules, the last of which is to get her fingers looked at due to being jacked up from playing too long.
    • When Flash then tries to joke about the experience to Twilight, she quickly shoots him down, then almost instantly asks him if he wants to go out with her Saturday.
  • The whole dorm being forced to work at Sugar Cube Corner over a three day weekend because Pinkie promised they would. The whole dorm is mad at her, but Fluttershy promises none of them want to kill Pinkie, because "dead people can't suffer."
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  • Some of the Halloween costumes are pretty funny, like Pinkie actually dressing as her Persona, which she had only seen once three days before, and Shining Armor dressed as Aladdin in his peasant outfit (he wanted to dress in the Prince outfit but Cadance said no).
  • On Rainbow's birthday when Flash, Twilight, and Pinkie are talking about what they will do when Rainbow is attacked, Pinkie suddenly yells at Spike to stop humping her leg. Spike stops, barks happily, and Flash notes Spike seems pleased with himself.
  • On Thanksgiving, Shining and Cadance wake all of Twilight's family from making love. Velvet just mumbles she better get a grandchild from it.
  • Flash manages to keep Pinkie in CHS with his quick thinking after her parents disown her. As thanks, Pinkie passionately kisses him. Twilight clears her throat and then Pinkie kisses her too, much to Twilight's shock. She begins hyperventilating and patting her chest when Pinkie ends it.
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  • The first training session with Rainbow Dash is cut short due to the arrival of the Reaper, but afterward, Flash has to explain himself to the others when they learn from one of Eris' taunts that he grabbed her breast in their last fight.
  • During Christmas break at the dorm, Twilight's family decides to sing carols one day, much to Twilight's horror. The reason is that her family has a tradition of putting her in a reindeer costume.
    • The next day, after Flash maxes out the Magician Social Link with Twilight and they proceed to have sex, Flash briefly kills the moment by letting out an explosive fart.
  • When Sonata moves into the dorm, Night Light says he recognizes her mother, Pizzazz, from somewhere. She quickly leaves when he remembers she was once in a punk band. Sonata explains her mom hates it when her old music career is mentioned.
    Night Light: I don't blame her, her band really sucked.
    Velvet: Night Light!
    Night Light: offense.
    Sonata: (written) None taken. They really DID suck.
  • The first thing everyone notices about Sonata's sister Adagio is how big her hair is.
  • The LTE version of 1/10 has Twilight and Flash shower together, which quickly turns into a Shower of Love and, once they are done, they need to clean themselves once again. When they get done, they come out to see Sonata outside, having heard everything.
  • The day Sweetie Belle moves into the Applewood dorm, a commercial comes on TV that she calls "Scootaloo's commercial." It turns out to be a commercial for a chicken restaurant and the mascot is a chicken with Scootaloo's colors and voice. Sweetie Belle says Scootaloo's dad owns the restaurant and sometimes Scootaloo wears the chicken costume outside the restaurant. Flash refers to Scootaloo as "the chicken girl" for the rest of the story.
  • On 2/7, ZIT is ambushed in Zodiac by a group of shadow bears. While everyone is fighting them, they make a bunch of bear-related puns. Flash even makes some, including one in his narration. Though this is justified since Flash had Kuma equipped at the time.
  • The day after Valentines Day, Twilight and Flash assure Shining Armor that they're being careful and Flash promises not to get Twilight pregnant. Shining says that if Twilight gets pregnant, he's not the one Flash should worry about. Cadance and Flash then look at Twilight eating and are both immediately terrified.
  • Sonata gets a puppy named Zoe on her birthday. Because Zoe has almost the same colors as Twilight she is nicknamed Twilight Barkle by everyone.
  • When Flash calls his mom to tell her about the plans the dorm has to go to Haytona for Spring Break, she says maybe he'll meet a nice girl. Flash reminds her he has a girlfriend and her mom mispronounces her name as "Sunlight Sprinkle."
    Flash: (through gritted teeth) Twilight Sparkle.
    Flash's Mom: Oh, you broke up with the other girl? Well...I hope you didn't hurt her feelings...
  • On 3/21, all of Flash's friends sit at his normal table with him and the rest of the Applewood dorm during lunch to comfort and support him over the false rumors that he got Sunset Shimmer pregnant. However, things quickly turn from supporting Flash to joking about his perverted nature and habits, including him doing Twilight in the shower that the whole dorm shares and his threesomes with Twilight and Pinkie.
  • When everyone arrives at the beach house, Flash gathers everyone to tell them how they will share rooms. Rainbow asks why he gets to decide, and he answers "because I said so."
    • Then when Rainbow asks why Flash and Twilight get the master bedroom instead of Cadance, Flash reminds them Cadance has no one to share it with, and he and Twilight need a bigger bed for "other" things.
  • After the battle with Aries on Fluttershy's birthday, Flash forgets that he and Rarity went into Zodiac naked due to their late night romance and they appear naked right in front of the others. Rarity covers herself and runs inside as fast as she can.
    • Also, at the end of the day, Fluttershy says she almost forgot one thing: she comes into the master bedroom and gives Flash's dick a HARD pinch, saying that now they're even for him grabbing her breast way back on Rainbow's birthday.
  • Pretty much ALL of April Fool's, thanks in no small part to Pinkie going on a pranking rampage.
  • On 4/9 Flash, Shining Armor and some of the girls watch movies together and they watch one of Flash and Shining Armor's favorites, a film that is heavily implied to be Pulp Fiction. The gang's commentary on the film is hilarious.
    • At one point Flash comments he dislikes one of the girls in the film due to her being "kind of a cow." Most of the girls don't take too kindly to that until Flash explains what he means on how cows are dumb with no sense of what's going on. Applejack comments cows aren't that dumb until she remembers how she and Big Mac had to save one of their cows, ol' Daisy Jo, from being run over with the tractor.
  • When ZIT goes into Zodiac on 4/10 everyone has different reactions over Flash's new Personas. The whole team is shocked by Optimus Prime, and Gamera is described bluntly as being a fire-breathing flying turtle.
    • There is also a small scene where, after the team sees Cadance and Rainbow's new Personas, Rarity calls out her own Persona but immediately returns it when there is nothing new about it, and Bastet just glares at Rarity before vanishing. Apparently, Rarity thought their Personas evolved because they slept with Flash, or more accurately, something they caught from him.
  • After Flash maxes Celestia's Social Link, he drags Twilight out of her room so they can have some "fun" together and she hardly complains before she accepts it. The next day while he is talking to Octavia and Vinyl in Music Club, he just casually mentions to them that this lasted for two hours. Octavia is shocked and Vinyl is impressed.
  • 5/13 is on Friday the 13th. The first chapter with Friday the 13th was during the Fall Formal, and nothing bad happened, but this time the day is almost nothing but nonstop bad luck from start to finish. It soon becomes clear that the bad luck isn't just happening to Flash and the others in the dorm but also EVERYONE in CHS.
  • Competition gets intense for the Prince and Princess of the Spring Fling. Octavia and Vinyl compete against Lyra and Bon Bon in the most over the top way. They eventually take their competition "on the road" to the soccer field with Vinyl and Octavia driving in the Scratchmobile playing their cello dubstep and Lyra and Bon Bon doing random and crazy things until Vice-Principal Luna breaks them up.
  • When Flash gets dressed for the Spring Fling Silver Spoon lets out a long Wolf Whistle.
  • Some of the songs the gang sing at Onchi Karaoke are pretty hilarious.
  • Zecora informs ZIT about the Shadow Trials they can face in order to become stronger, but at the very end of her speech, a voice points out that the last part didn't rhyme. That chapter ends with Zecora shouting "Motherf-."
  • While vacationing at the beach at Canterlittle, several of the girls get into a volleyball match with the Shadowbolts and several of them have their tops ripped off during the game. Sugarcoat says the entire beach is clothing optional.
  • When Flash, Twilight, and Shining Armor need to make a call to the dorm to tell them about Shining Armor having sex with Sunset, he gets told off by Twilight Velvet and yells at him that she'll ground him until his baby is born, even if he's an adult. When she raises her voice at him he can only say a meek "yes mommy."
  • While helping out at Sweet Apple Acres they find out they have Vampire Fruit Bats in the trees so on 6/28 a professional named Mr. West and his apprentice Red Robin come by and help get rid of them.
  • After returning to the dorm on 7/1 Cadance shows off her new oversized T-Shirt that says "Preggo It's In There."
  • After the battle with Cancer, Shining Armor is completely amazed by what he saw and wants to help out the team saying he "lived every nerd dream he ever had." He particularly likes Optimus Prime, saying that he wanted a truck that transforms into a robot just like Flash has.
  • While Flash is spending the day with Fluttershy at the mall, she suddenly runs into a store that sells adorable plushies and runs back and forth between them. She eventually buys two of them: an Egg-shaped thing with a cat smile and rabbit ears and a turquoise platypus with a little brown felt fedora.
  • While ZIT is discussing recent events from their last shadow battle where Sunset Shimmer suddenly appeared at the end, Rainbow Dash's phone starts to ring breaking the tension in the room.
  • When Pinkie talks to Flash at the hotel he and his parents are staying at, she constantly calls him inappropriate nicknames. While she is telling him how Twilight has been doing, she says that Rainbow tried to force Twilight to come to dinner the night before and got a black eye.
  • After the battle against Shadow Luna, Flash wakes up in the middle of the night to answer a pounding on his door. As soon as he opens it, he gets kicked in the face by Fluttershy, who says he did deserve that. Fluttershy then goes on a rant about how Flash and Twilight are both being stupid and that she wants them to fix everything. That's how Flash repairs her link.
    • The next morning, Twilight is visited by several people in her room and is called out for bailing on the shadow battle just because she didn't want to be near Flash. When Fluttershy comes by, she kicks Twilight in the face before she even realizes she's there and tells Twilight to never do that again.
  • Flash repairs Rainbow's link just by running into her while he's walking around town and they awkwardly greet each other. They hardly say anything besides the standard "fix this, we miss you" stuff and the conversation drifts to Flash's face and how Fluttershy kicked him again. It's just so sudden that it's almost anti-climatic.

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