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When it's not being too serious, the story is fairly lighthearted, which leads to some funny moments.

WARNING: All spoilers are unmarked.

  • In Chapter 3, Rina is channel surfing. The channels she stumbles across are... odd, including cheeky references to Bob Ross and Goro Akechi and, funniest of all, a cooking show where the chef seems to have no idea what he's doing and just decides to ditch the recipe.
    • When Rina wakes up in the Velvet Room, the first thing she asks to Igor is "Were you on the television?"
  • Rina and Izumi's initial meeting shows that Izumi can be a bit weird in the funniest ways. She only realizes midway through that she's talking to a complete stranger, and when she brings up Hikaru, she starts rambling and tries to backpedal when she accidentally insinuates that the two are together.
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  • Clerval's initial introduction to Rina has him talking about how much he wants to dissect humans. She is... less than amused.
  • While the situation is otherwise serious, when Izumi and Rina are looking for where Hikaru went, Rina has to point out that there's a thrift shop with a broken window, since Izumi can't notice it due to Shadow distortion. Rina's sheer bafflement at Izumi barely acknowledging it is priceless.
  • Rina casually mentioning that she set her sister's hair on fire to Hikaru. It takes him a second to realize just what she said.
    • In that same chapter, Hikaru brings up that he was practicing with his Persona in his basement. Rina isn't sure if he's joking or not, and Hikaru mistakes her hesitance for concern that he broke stuff, reassuring her that he cleaned up beforehand.
    • When Hikaru offers her a fistbump, Rina mistakes it for rock-paper-scissors. Turns into a Brick Joke when Tamiko makes the same mistake in Chapter 32.
  • Rina is expecting something magnificent when she hears that Izumi made her way to a mall. What she gets is a small, rather pathetic building. Her reaction borders on Adorkable.
    • When the two are about to fight some Laughing Harlequins, Gilgamesh prepares to unleash another Pre-Asskicking One-Liner... only for Hikaru to cut him off and attack. Gilgamesh seems kind of disappointed.
  • In the first team meeting, Rina tries to get the group to learn things about Shadows without outright saying she found out from the Velvet Room. Izumi's attempts are... way off, to say the least.
    Rina: What do we all have in common?
    Izumi: Uh... we're all teens?
  • Rina gives a big speech to Principal Kaii about why she should attend Okutari for other classes. The narration even states she memorized it. The funny part comes when Principal Kaii bursts out laughing, stating he just wanted a simple reason, and not an entire speech. Rina is, of course, flustered.
  • At the end of Chapter 13, seeing as Hikaru didn't eat his sandwich due to being distracted by the team meeting, Izumi just takes his, says she's going to eat it, and leaves. Hikaru has to try to catch up with her.
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  • In Chapter 15, Rina meets Ryouichi for the first time, and is utterly terrified by him... despite him being relatively pleasant. She even calls him "sir" out of fear!
  • While Chapter 17 is mostly serious with the beginning of Shadow Wilma's dungeon, there's a funny moment when one of the guard Shadows asks for a passcode - which he hints is Wilma's favorite food. Out of options, Rina guesses a turkey sandwich.
    • At the end of the chapter, Hikaru starts to go down a ladder, but Rina cuts him off, stating she'll go first - and pats at her skirt self-consciously. Hikaru is rather flustered at this. Izumi doesn't get it.
  • Before the showdown with Shadow Wilma, there's a guard Shadow who thinks Rina plans to meet Wilma. The Shadow dismisses her as Wilma's "elegant friend" and even says she looks kind of prissy. The best part is Rina doesn't even care because she's too relieved that she has a way in.
  • According to Chapter 21's beginning, Rina went on a wild goose chase around the school trying to find Wilma. She's immensely relieved when she finds her in the lunchroom.
  • In Chapter 22, Hikaru builds up something big for the team. Rina is on the edge of her seat. It turns out he was really excited for... a team name. Rina is... quite annoyed, to say the least. Even more so when she hears it's the Freedom Fighters... though she does admit she doesn't find it all that bad.
  • Chapter 23 is filled with hilarious moments, considering it has Samon. Samon's attempts at trying to predict Rina's behavior are completely off, and his sheer hamminess is just a joy to behold. Especially when Rina thinks for just a moment that he might have caught onto her, but it turns out he's totally off the mark.
  • After Izumi and Hikaru go on a date and hook up, Izumi hides from Rina to avoid getting teased. Of course, when Rina finds her, she just teases her more anyway.
  • Tamiko. Just... Tamiko.
    • She tends to pop up out of nowhere due to stalking people. Rina's shocked reactions, both times, in Chapter 26, are giggle-inducing.
    • Apparently, Tamiko spent the entire morning staring at Hikaru, Izumi, and Wilma and growling at them whenever Izumi called her out. Her explanation is that she was using an "astral projection" to make herself look like a bear.
    • After seemingly having been lured off, Tamiko shows up to surprise Rina at the end of Chapter 26. Rina hurriedly chases her off by pointing out her school group is leaving.
  • Shizuka is a bit rude, but her snarkiness can make for some pretty funny moments. Her Establishing Character Moment has her responding to Rina saying she'd like to place an order for ramen with "No, I figured you just came here for small talk".
    • During her debut chapter, she points out that Rina looked really happy while eating her ramen. Rina is understandably embarrassed.
  • While Chapter 28 is mostly serious, the beginning is pretty funny.
    Hikaru: Are we really doing this?
    Rina: Yes, and you’re going to have to deal with it.
    • At one point, Ryouichi offhandedly comments that Samon is kind of insufferable. Hikaru's whispered response to Rina is "We can agree on [him], at least."
  • Shadow Ryouichi is both really terrifying and gut-bustingly funny with his totally carefree attitude. He's such a troll that it's hilarious to watch, especially when he makes the door to his office lead to the darker parts of Ryouichi's mind without any warning.
    • The best part of his debut chapter, Chapter 30, is after the Panels of Remorse are defeated. He throws a temper tantrum like a little kid and then, just to spite the Freedom Fighters, decides he'll give them access later. Hikaru's angry reaction sells it.
  • Tamiko returns in Chapter 32, just... staying at the park the Freedom Fighters normally meet at. The chapter is full of funny moments (before Tamiko reveals how much she cares about Ryouichi, of course):
    • Rina's internal narration states that just seeing Tamiko's trenchcoat is enough for her brain to scream DANGER!
    • When the Freedom Fighters show up, Tamiko acts as though it was due to her "summoning ritual". None of them really correct her.
    • Hikaru offers to help put Tamiko's books in a more reasonable location, but she says that just touching them would break his mind. His deadpan reaction seals it: "Right. Silly me."
    • Tamiko threatens to curse them all for eternity if they don't save Ryouichi. Wilma is actually a little scared.
  • Chapter 35 is Rina's initial Social Link chapter with Ryouichi, and given what he's done so far, it's not really expected to go well. But it turns out that Ryouichi is... actually a really reasonable guy who's happy to chat. His snarky comments really help, like when discussing weapons:
    “You at least have fencing lessons, Hikaru’s got that swordfighting club... maybe if I look around enough I’ll find some guy wanting to teach ‘beatdown lessons’. Smashing people’s faces in with a giant stick for fun and profit.”
    • When Furuta offers seconds for dinner, Ryouichi immediately gets up and declares "I would love seconds."
  • Chapter 37 is the start of the Social Link with Clerval, and it does not disappoint. Clerval briefly brings up implanting a cell phone into a human's brain, and Rina hurriedly searches for something to distract him with - a restaurant. She comes to regret this as Clerval enjoys the ramen so much he stands up, demands the cook, and tips them one hundred thousand yen. And then he just leaves!
    • Briefly in that chapter, Rina tries to compare being with Clerval to being with Wilma, and gets stuck on trying to compare "the slender six-foot-tall man in blue clothing" with "her short, skinny friend". Even funnier is the brief description of her mental image: Wilma with a monocle and an obsession with humans.
  • In Chapter 38, Rina meets Kazuki and warms up to him fairly quickly. This shocks everyone enough that Hikaru and Ryouichi both tease her.
    • It gets better: she's called on-stage to do an improv scene, and the part she picks out of a hat? Lovestruck Admirer. When the Ringmaster says it out loud, Rina seems like she's going to die of embarrassment.
  • In Chapter 41, when Rina is sending group texts about going after Shadow Tamiko, Izumi suggests Ryouichi go by himself since she wouldn't want to intrude on his friendship. Ryouichi's blunt response is "I have no idea how to fight Shadows." The best part is that four minutes later Izumi just responds with "oh".
  • Chapter 42 has a good line in Rina's meeting with Chinen. Rina offers to hang out with him, and Chinen just stares at her for a few seconds before heading back to his business. Rina's muttered response is "Ooooookay, no more talking, then."
  • While Chapter 46 has the main villain's lackeys getting involved and is pretty serious, when the group defeats Jim and Gerald, Rina has Jim pressed up against a wall to intimidate him, and asks how Ryouichi and Tamiko are doing against Gerald. There's an audible CRACK, and Gerald screams in pain before Tamiko happily responds that they're doing fine. As revealed shortly after, she apparently broke his arm.
    • When Hikaru asks if she'll toss the two out, Shadow Tamiko gets ready to gleefully kill them, before Hikaru manages to stop her in time. She's very disappointed!
  • Chapter 48... isn't an actual chapter. Arsene published it on April Fools, and the chapter has Rina becoming self-aware, insulting the author, and then rewriting the story so that she gets a better ending. Highlights include:
    • When Rina states she doesn't want to get involved with Nobuyuki, Arsene whines because she supposedly had a cool backstory lined up for him that she was going to explore in a set of bonus chapters. Rina cuts her off.
    • Rina rewrites the story so that it ends with her and Kazuki finding a private home together. When Arsene points out that there are several romance options for her, Rina retaliates with the fact that she's made it incredibly obvious she'll end up with Kazuki and that her other options aren't exactly available. Arsene concedes.
    • Shortly after, Rina adds Wilma joining in for a harem. When Arsene points out she just said she preferred guys over girls, Rina states that doesn't exclude them. Arsene then worries that Rina will end up leaving her lovers with broken hearts or that her lovers will leave her broken on the floor. Rina calmly refutes it by pointing out that she doesn't strictly adhere to canon, including spoiling that the main villain isn't a random god, there are no non-human party members, and that the third boss knows Dyne moves. Arsene's deflated reaction sells it.
    • Finally, Arsene has enough when Rina almost spoils a major character name, taking control back.
  • Just the fact that Shadow Tamiko has an overly dramatic defeat just to troll the party.
    • Arsene gives a cheeky nod to the fact that Shadow Tamiko shares similarities to another jester with scythes by having her say the iconic "I can do anything!"
  • The first meeting after the Shadow Tamiko fight is... them arguing over ramen or sushi. Tamiko says her vote counts twice because she's a new member, but Hikaru points out being new just means her vote doesn't count. Wilma also refuses to vote. Rina eventually gets a text from her sister, and they end up eating at her apartment instead.
  • The amusement park trip is full of hilarious moments.
    • Rina has to remind the Freedom Fighters that just because she's the leader doesn't mean they need to follow her around everywhere, and says she wants some time to herself. Tamiko suspects she's hiding something, which Rina seems incredibly offended by.
    • Wilma's section has the tone set when Tamiko drags her off flailing to a rollercoaster. When she does get on the rollercoaster, Wilma decides that the worst part isn't the speed, but Tamiko screaming at the top of her lungs excitedly.
    • While Izumi having a breakdown in public also crosses into Tear Jerker territory, it's just a little funny how wrapped up she is in her assumption that Hikaru's not interested in her anymore.
    • When the team reunites, Wilma is rather dazed and happy from the rollercoaster - almost like she's drunk. Tamiko claims it was her master plan to get Wilma to love rollercoasters. Given this is Tamiko, Rina questions the authenticity of this statement quietly.
    • When Rina offers to make it a team promise to visit the amusement park again, Hikaru just stares before asking "Who are you and what have you done with Rina?"
  • In the first Social Link chapter with Tamiko, Rina is worried she's assembled a small cult. It just turns out that she's teaching some of her fellow students math.


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