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  • Let's get this out of the way and say, every time a new party member awakens their Persona.
  • Although not as massive or over the top as most other examples, it is still awesome to see Coco Pommel slowly become more confident in herself, stand up to Suri, beat her, and become the new tennis team captain.
  • On Rainbow Dash's birthday it is impressive for Flash to fight the dark persona user Eris. Although she seems more skilled in physical combat than Flash and has a weapon while he doesn't, he doesn't hold back. And when she fights dirty Flash decides to do the same. Then he breaks her phone forcing her out of Zodiac and joins his friends just in time to help them.
    • On that note, while it is clear that Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow couldn't win without Flash, the fact that they held on without him for so long, and Rainbow gained her own persona in the process definitely speaks volumes for all of them.
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  • Eris pulling an Enemy Mine with ZIT, showing more of what can be done in Zodiac by making weapons from nothing, telling them how they can revive Pinkie and Rainbow Dash, and helping them kill Capricorn.
  • After Flash manages to expose Fluttershy as Eris a fight ensures between her and ZIT, it ends with Flash exploding in anger saying he never did anything to her and she not only tried to kill him but let Sunset into the dorm to rape him. Then he burns her alive with Merlin. When she tried to fight back after being revived Flash is able to will the door to the Velvet Room into existence and suck them all inside where ZIT and Fluttershy are able to sit down and discuss what is going on.
  • Sunset tries to start a rumor that Flash got her pregnant by forcing himself on her. After learning about it Cadence sets up a pregnancy test to prove it's a lie and Celestia and Flash confront Sunset over her lie. It reaches a climax when Flash warns Sunset he can ruin her just as much as she can him and flat out tells her to leave everyone alone. Sunset is forced to back down and lies her way out of the situation via Canterbook, but she ends up just as humiliated as Flash and Flash's friends from outside the dorm comfort and support him when he tells them the truth. It is perhaps the first real victory they have against Sunset outside of Zodiac.
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  • Fluttershy's Heel–Face Turn on her birthday. With her dark persona destroyed by Sunset Shimmer she obtains an even stronger one after she has a quick trip to the Velvet Room and gives ZIT the opening they need to destroy Aries.
  • With Applejack joining the team the whole dorm is now part of ZIT. The Fool Link is maxed and Flash gains the ultimate persona for the arcana in both name and meaning: Son Goku!
  • While attending the funeral for Applejack's dad, Sunset crashes the funeral and pulls everyone into Zodiac to assult them with Shadows and messages insulting Applejack and her dead dad. This angers Flash so much that he summons one of his new Personas, Magus, without even bothering with his phone and it decimates most of the Shadows with one attack. What adds to this moment is before Magus is summoned, giant black text appears that reads "The black wind howls..."
    • This is also the event where ZIT figures out what they need to do to beat Sunset Shimmer, because as long as she doesn't have any friends she'll be alone and unable to change and improve herself like the rest of them have. This event is the beginning of the Judgment Social Link, (Friendship).
  • Sunset manages to get the upper hand by making Shadow copies of every one of the Flash's Personas that he has used. How does Flash win? By summoning one of the only Personas he has yet to field .... Godzilla.
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  • Velvet not putting up with any of Sunset's antics. When Sunset causes trouble in the dorm over Father's Day weekend by hanging out in the lounge naked, Velvet just drags her away by her breast and handles her upstairs before going back to the others again. Bonus points for Sunset not being able to do anything about it but glare because she has no blackmail on Velvet and Velvet isn't connected to Canterbook or Zodiac.
  • The entire battle with Cancer. Especially when it is revealed that the Zodiac shadows are alive and capable of speech and have been using Sunset.
  • The first part of 7/18 has Pinkie and Sonata talk to a depressed Twilight and Pinkie actually calls her out on putting all the blame on Flash for their breakup. True, what Flash did was wrong, but Twilight is also guilty for getting mad at Flash and hurting him too. Pinkie even asks what was Twilight yelling at Flash about a few days ago for? Twilight can't answer.


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