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  • Ron's You Are Not Alone speech to Harry.
  • Both of the times Snape gives Hermione his robes.
  • Considering his thoughts on both of his "masters" until this point, Hermione's response to Snape's asking her what she wants from him is rather touching.
    "I suspect that, for good or ill, there are a lot of people who want things from you. Things you aren't in the position to deny, even if you wanted to. I don't want to be one of those people, sir. I don't want to demand anything from you. Yet, I find I do wish something, but only if you are willingly. I want to know what you know. I want to understand...well, everything.
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  • Rink's devotion to both Snape and Hermione.
  • Snape wanting Hufflepuff to win the House Cup because he had never known them to.
  • All of Hermione and Snape's interactions towards the end of Chapter 32 and the beginning of Chapter 33.
    • The end of Chapter 34 as well.
  • Hermione telling Snape to be careful and his reaction.
  • Hermione returning the sleeping sheets to Snape.
  • Snape leaving everything he owns to Hermione if he dies. Doubles as a tear jerker.
  • Chapter 42: Hermione's love confession
    Hermione: "I don't know what you think you're doing, but it's not going to work. I know you, Severus Snape. You can't scare me, you can't shock me, and you can't make me not care for you. That thing on your arm has twisted you and your Magic. But you've risen above it. You are a better man than you give yourself credit for being."
  • Alverez's recollections of caring for the Weasley's over the years and her concern for Percy.
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  • Dumbledore's last order for Snape.

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