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Nightmare Fuel / Persona: The Sougawa Files

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It's a Persona fic; what do you expect? This fanfiction delves into some moments darker than the actual series.

WARNING: All spoilers are unmarked.

  • The Shadow disease, from what's described of it, is unpleasant. If the Shadows latch onto their hosts long enough, they're left in a happy stupor - Izumi describes them as "happy zombies". They're effectively just blissful husks.
  • The party's Shadows, as the main villains, are bound to be this, despite having their fair share of comedic moments mixed in.
    • Shadow Rina, while she goes down without a fight, is one of the scariest by virtue of the fact that Rina's suffering is described. She gets very sick to the point where she's left in bed, and then hears a voice in her head so overpowering that it drives her to sprint all the way to the subway. And even after getting to an abandoned place, she can't escape, as Shadow Rina manifests in the building...
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    • Shadow Hikaru starts off perpetually depressed - a jarring contrast from Hikaru's portrayal in Chapter 2. It gets even worse when he transforms, as he proves to be quite Ax-Crazy and is willing to murder Rina just to prove there's no such thing as a hero. At least Shadow Rina had the courtesy of extending Rina a deal!
    • Shadow Izumi herself isn't so bad, but at the start of the chapter there's the fact that Izumi caused severe injuries to herself (tearing down a barbed wire fence with her bare hands) just to get somewhere safe.
    • Much like Shadow Hikaru, Shadow Wilma turns out to be extremely Ax-Crazy, outright saying she'll cut a smile into the party's face. Her design is also slightly unnerving - a silver android with no facial features other than a smile. Brings a new meaning to Stepford Smiler.
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    • Shadow Ryouichi is one of the sillier Shadows, but when he loses his temper, he's frightening. He turns into a giant tornado-like monster with demonic lightning for a face, and is scary enough that Rina is at a loss on how to fight him at first. Plus, unlike the previous Shadows (save perhaps Shadow Hikaru) he has no real reason to kill the party. He just enjoys it that much.
    • Shadow Tamiko's scarier side rears its ugly head during the boss fight with her, where she displays Yandere tendencies in insisting the party will stay in her world and play with her forever. Her repeated maniacal laughter is also fairly unnerving.
  • During Shadow Tamiko's dungeon, Rina and company are attacked by two of Nobuyuki's men, and despite neither of them having Personas, they hold their own against them for a bit. The real fear comes in when the team pieces together that these men have been stalking them. The Adult Fear this raises is far too much, especially when Rina outright admits in a future team meeting that she has no idea what to do if Nobuyuki sends people after their families or loved ones and is just counting on a bluff.


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