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Nightmare Fuel / Reckonings

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  • Throughout Chapter One, Lena begins to realise she has made a Deal with the Devil and fears that Leviathan will renege on their bargain and do fatal or severe harm to Kara.
    Her mind was bombarded with various and violent images of Supergirl strapped to a chair or onto a medical table, men and women with masks and soulless clinical eyes standing around her, poking and prodding her with knives and surgical needles, drowning her in a tank, electrocuting her, dousing her with Kryptonite gas.
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  • Kara being tricked, captured and tortured in Chapter One.
  • Upon overhearing the team at the DEO pressing Alex to go and arrest Lena while she is recovering mentally, Kara confronts them all in a fury, causing all but Alex and James to freeze. It is so scary for Winn that he’s still terrified of Kara ever getting angry again by the final chapter.
  • Ina video meeting with Themyscira Industries, Lena takes note that its CEO, Diana Prince, is glaring very intimidatingly at her. Given she’s Wonder Woman, it is likely because she knows what Lena’s done to Kara.
  • In Chapter Four, when Leviathan reveals to Kara their true goal in using Lena to get to her, they promise that if she ever interferes with their operations again, they will poison another of her loved ones against her. Because of how traumatised she was with Lena’s betrayal, Kara has no difficulty imagining every person in her life turning on her, treating the reader to exactly what she’s picturing.
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  • James and Lena’s momentary confrontation in the hallways of the DEO in the final chapter. Seeing Lena again for the first time since her betrayal leaves James transfixed with such a furious glare that a scared Lena thought he was wishing he had laser eyes again.

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